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Bar Installation Ideas Using Onyx Bar Panels

Latest Bar Designs Using Onyx Bar Panels

Versital bar panels are the ideal way to protect the front and back bar area of a busy nightclub, bar or restaurant. 

Being hard wearing, stain resistant and waterproof, they look fantastic and stand up to the hardships that occur in a public venue. Versital offer a range of stone, sparkles and granite finishes, as well as translucent marble and onyx bar panels.

Bar Design Statement

Versital Onyx bar panels are a fantastic design statement to add to any bar or restaurant. By back lighting onyx bar panels, a fabulous warm glow comes through which creates a fantastic atmosphere. They can be backlit in any colour, though the most popular is a white or yellow light.

Curved bar with yellow onyx front panel and black bar top

Fabulous bar design using Onyx panels – this look can be recreated using Veristal panels in Autumn Onyx with a yellow light back ground.

Range of Marble And Translucent Finishes

Versital offers a range of marble and translucent panels, as well a range of onyx bar panels, including ‘Autumn Onyx’ which is a warm cream and honey. ‘Royal Pavilion’ is also a favourite for its’ translucent qualities.

Cream and grey marble panels shown as back lit.

Royal Pavilion and Arabesque are shown here, as displayed at the Dawnvale Commercial Interior fit out centre in Oldham.

Back Bar Panels

Versital onyx panels are also ideal used as a design feature for back bars, as shown in this fab bar design idea from GPI.

Back lit bar in white with black shelves.

For further advice and information about Versital translucent bar panels please call us directly on 01204380780.