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New! Marble Lighting Pendants.

Marble light fixture - white marble with black veins.Marble Lighting Pendants

Versital offer a wide range of commercial cultured marble products and are delighted to offer to the collection these fabulous cultured marble lighting pendants.

Commercial Installations: Bars and Restaurants

Ideal for commercial spaces such as bars, restaurants and other public areas. These fabulous marble lighting pendants have all the look of real marble with less weight and cost attached, making them the ideal choice.

Classic White and Black Marble ‘Arabesque’

Commissioned on behalf of the Weatherspoon’s group, these marble light pendants create a subtle soft lighting and classic look. The finish shown here is ‘Arabesque’, a classic white marble with subtle black veining.

Marble light fixture - white marble with black veins.

Lighting Options

You can alter the look of these marble light pendants by changing the bulb. A white light will create a brilliant white glow, whereas a yellow bulb will create warmth and a yellow or orange tone.

Marble Pendant Size Options.

Choose from two size options of 500 x 500mm and 350 x 350mm.

Colour Options

There are a range of colour options you can choose from to create your ideal marble light pendant. Choose from the classic white marbles, creams, reds, yellows, blues and greens. Have a look at the full colour range.

For more details visit the marble lighting pendants range here, or contact a member of the commercial team on 01204380780.