Create A White Marble Bathroom The Simple Way

Focus on: Classic White Marble Bathrooms

The use of marble in interior design has a long history, dating back as far as Ancient Rome. Marble has long been the popular choice for bathroom designs.

Marble Is a Luxurious Bathroom Choice

It is a royal looking material; refined and expensive. Marble is a luxurious choice, but worth the investment since it is unquestionably elegant and forever timeless.

Marble Combines Well with Other Materials

Marble finishes combine well with wood and stone, especially with the range of colours available from Versital. Marble is the ideal choice to create a minimalist bathroom. However, often designers create exquisite and refined décor in vintage style. Exquisite bathroom appliances and retro touches make marble shine and look even more delicate.

Classic Marble ‘Carrara’ or Calcatta’

A classic marble finish is ‘Carrara’ or ‘Calcatta’, highly desired for its’ beautiful white luminous appearance and grey and black veining. Classic white marble bathrooms are a beautiful option for a contemporary bathroom that will retain its timeless appeal.

Great option to choose to emulate 'Carrara' marble. Looks great and 100% waterproof.

Stain Resistant Alternative to Carrara

Although beautiful, the down side to natural marble in the bathroom is its’ inherent porosity, causing potential issues with staining. Versital offers an ideal alternative to ‘Carrara’ with ‘Arabesque’, a hand-made synthetic marble which has all the appearance of real marble without these issues. Create fabulous white marble bathrooms without the fear of discoloration in the future.

White marble shower with panels and shower tray

White Marble Wet Room Style Shower

This beautiful wet room style white marble bathroom has been created using the Versital finish ‘Arabesque’. A made to measure shower tray and shower panels have been used to create a large wet room style shower area. Bespoke shower trays are available up to 3 square meters.

Bathroom Shower Panels

Bathroom panels are available up to 3 meters in length made to order for ease of installation, ideal for large shower areas.

White Marble Vanity Top

Matching white marble vanity top, also in ‘Arabesque’, dado and plinth complete the white marble bathroom look top to bottom.

White bathroom cabinet with white marble vanity top

Take a look at the full range of Versital marble bathroom finishes and your nearest bathroom centre, or call us direct on 01204380780. Colour samples of ‘Arabesque’ and our other marble finishes are available to order online.