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Creating Washrooms with a Wow factor

Top Customers Expect Top Service

Whether you manage a sophisticated restaurant or a premium bar, understanding your customers is what drives your sales. For most of them going to a premium or luxury venue is a treat. They see it as an experience, a pleasure they are willing to pay real money for.

Because customers spend their hard-earned money in your venue, they expect you to provide them with a complete, seamless experience that makes it really worth it.

Always Give Your Customers the Best

Devil is in the detail. Create the perfect, uniform experience by continuing the sensation your customer gets when eating a meal or having a drink. Let them enjoy the time to freshen up in the corresponding style. Use the bathroom to create a lasting experience of real luxury that your customers will like to come back to.

Understand that the customer enjoys not only the service or product you provide them with, but also the atmosphere and the design. With that in mind create a washroom where the key features of your venue are brought together, not pulled apart.

Create an ambience that impresses your customers, so when they come back to the table they are refreshed and want to spend more time in your restaurant or a bar. If you used Versital ‘Arabesque’ marble style tables or a bar top it might be worth considering to place a matching vanity top in the washroom for design continuity.

Balance the Style and Substance

The trend in how people spend their leisure time has changed what people expect from the hospitality sector. Many customers do not go to just one place as a solo activity, but create day trips that include shopping, entertainment, food, drinks and plenty of socialising. The hospitality sector had to respond, by developing more sophisticated restaurants and bars, and also upgrading the designs of bathrooms and washrooms.

Washroom vanity in granite with an integrated basin and a wooden base

Toilet areas often include more consideration as women appreciate additional make up mirrors or more space for their bags and cosmetics, while men generally need more bathroom space than before. Understanding those needs can help you create a washroom that will really serve your customers while maintaining the style of your venue.

Always Keep It Clean

Having the best décor and the most impressive features will not make your customers appreciate your bathroom if it is not maintained well. A study from Altodigital found that 94% of customers would not return to a restaurant with a bathroom that was not maintained right.

Your venue should pay close attention to how the bathroom is maintained in order to create more loyal customers. All Versital products are manufactured with an antibacterial and antimicrobial protective gel coat making every surface its used on more hygienic. All Versital surfaces are also fully non-porous, not only protecting them from stains but also making them easy to clean. To discuss it further contact our team of experts

Add Details for Impact

As mentioned before using details to create the right ambience in the washroom is crucial. From the design stage you should consider the requirements of your guests and what sort of an impression would you like to leave them with. Do not compromise on quality if you want to leave a lasting, positive impression that will drive your customers back to your business.

To create a luxurious feel, attention really has to be given to details like replacing paper towels with wash cloths or placing diffusers or candles to scent the space. You may wish to consider placing coat hangers and bag hooks to keep customers purses off the floor. These little elements can be overlooked by designers, but they add a great value to the overall sensation and usability of the space.

Make It Easy to Share

In this day and age customers also like to share their experiences on social media. By creating a space that wows your customers, with the design, décor and practical solutions, they will be desperate to share it more on social media. Introducing an element that blends with the environment but is eye catching can be a great marketing tool. Bathrooms with Instagramable décor can be a really popular spot for taking pictures and therefore spreading the word about your business. Discuss your possibilities with our team of experts to find elements that will suit your washroom.

View Versital’s full colour range of bespoke surfaces here, or if you’d like to find out more information about our products, please call the team on 01204380780, or email sales@versital.co.uk