Bespoke Table Tops from Versital

Made to Measure Table Tops – Ideal for Any Project

Versital is the proud manufacturer of individually made, table tops in a wide range of finishes. Table tops created by Versital are hard wearing and can be made to individual specifications offering ease of design.

Table tops created by Versital have been used in a variety of large commercial projects and roll-outs. As well as table tops created for indoor use, Versital table tops are also suitable for outdoors – opening a range of possibilities for designers and domestic customers alike.

Made to Your Exact Specification

Each item created by Versital is hand-made individually. As well as a large range of standard sized table tops, Versital also offers custom sizes.

Versital’s unique method of ‘open-cast’ manufacture ensures that each product is unique. To find out more about the production method you can visit our about page or give one of our advisers a call on 01204 380 780.  We also offer training days at the factory showroom for designers and specifiers – please get in touch to arrange.

Versital offers bespoke table tops in the complete colour range of over 100 colours. However, the most popular finishes have to be the true to life marble table tops in a wide range of colours.

Table tops in Arabesque marble finish

Marble Look without Staining

Table tops created from real marble are undeniably beautiful, however in high traffic areas they can stain and watermark causing them to lose their stunning appearance very quickly. Versital marble table tops offer a true to life appearance with the added benefit that they do not stain or watermark.

Norvein metal banded table top

Ideal for Hospitality Projects

Versital’s bespoke table tops are perfect for busy restaurants, bars and pubs. They are engineered to withstand even the toughest stains like beetroot, red wine or coffee. They are also highly water resistant and can therefore be used outdoors. If you would like to find out more please get in touch via a phone on 01204 380 780 or by email on

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Table tops are also easy to maintain and keep looking like new. They only require a wipe down with a wet cloth or a soft, non-abrasive detergent.

Table Top in Gold Stratos Metallic Marble Finish (3)

Wide Range of Colours and Finishes

Versital table tops are available in an extensive range of colours and finishes, including true to life marble and granite looks which have been extremely popular within the interior design industry. Versital also offers the exclusive range of metallic marbles which are entirely unique, offering a metallic bling in a subtle white marble styled surface.

The newest addition to Versital’s offering is the range of ‘inspired by Pantone’ marbles. They draw inspiration from the popular colour categorising system Pantone and their yearly released colours of the year. The collection is ideal for designers looking for something more current and trend led. To find out more about any of the finishes contact Versital direct on 01204 380 780, or request free samples through the online form.

For more information on Versital Table tops call us on 01204 380 780 for further information or quotations.