Increase Your sales by Improving Your Washrooms

Washroom symbolPoor Washrooms Mean Poor Business

It is quite clear that washrooms are not seen as simply a functional neutral space you just ‘Pop’ in.  The way washrooms are perceived affects how the employees evaluate their organisation, and how the customer sees the service provider.

Underestimating The Importance Of Washrooms

An in-depth study carried out by David Uzzell at the University of Surrey found that a number of the interviewees looking at washrooms in restaurants made an instant link between a dirty and unkempt washroom and a dirty kitchen.

“It’s just a general attitude isn’t it? If you’re looking after your restaurant, you’ve got nice washrooms and therefore a clean kitchen”.

The study revealed that the washroom is a public statement of company values. Though it can be basic, the state of the washrooms reflects the extent to which employees feel valued and the level of service offered.

Increase Your Business Potential By Updating Your Washrooms

Keeping your washrooms up to date and clean could have a big impact on your business. Where your business is in the service industry, such as a bar or restaurant it becomes essential.

Commercial washroom with multiple sinks and toilets for public washroom.

Choose Hygienic Surfaces

Solid surfaces such as Versital are easy to clean and extremely hygienic making them ideal for public washrooms.  Choose from a range of beautiful marble, granite and sparkle finishes to give you the look you want.

Vanity Tops and Splash Backs

Vanity tops are the most high traffic area of washrooms. These areas are prone to splashing and require cleaning regularly.  Using solid surfaces such as Versital vanity tops can save time and money. The hygienic waterproof and stain resistant gel coat is easy to clean and will keep the vanity tops looking as good as new for many years to come.

Refurbish Solid Surfaces

With vanity tops such as Versital, you have the opportunity to refurbish them long after they have been installed, increasing the lifetime value of the product.

For more information on the range of washroom products offered by Versital, have a look at the washroom surfaces. For further advice on how to improve your business and sales by improving your washroom facilities, call Versital direct on 01204380780.