Bespoke Shower Trays: The Longest Bespoke Tray Yet!

No limit with Bespoke Shower Trays!

Made to measure shower tray in marble finishBespoke shower trays are a speciality of Versital, but even for us this one was something different!  At 2.8m long it is by far the longest tray we have manufactured for quite some time.

Bespoke shower trays are becoming more and more popular as people seek to make the most of the space they have in their bathroom, or as in this case, create a bathroom design that is really unique and individual to the client.

“Each bespoke tray is different as each customer is facing a different problem that needs a solution. Quite often customers need odd and small sized bespoke trays to make the best of the space. In this case the client wanted something truly dramatic. In the past they might have tiled, but Versital Bespoke shower Trays offer the flexibility of design whilst ensuring their is no compromise when it comes to practicality. Versital trays are totally solid and non purose meaning there are no dangers of leaking”.

Lee Mason, Commercial Sales Manager  for Versital UK

 For more information on Bespoke shower trays or a quotation, visit the Bespoke tray information page or call us direct on 01204380780.