Classic Marble Bathrooms Never Go Out Of Fashion

Classic Marble Bathrooms Never Date

Since the housing market has been having difficulties, a lot of people have turned their attention to their own homes in efforts to make improvements there instead of starting again with a new home.

Improvements to the home bathroom can make a real difference to quality of life.  As always, the consumer wants to get the best value for money out of whatever they do.

Marble bathrooms have been a popular choice of style for centuries – ever since the Roman’s! However, the natural material can bring with it problems, being inherently porous and difficult to cut.  With a naturally porous material, staining and watermarking will occur as the material takes on the minerals of the water flowing over it, as well as other stains. This had caused it to fall out of favour.  There is now a solution to this problem with faux marble products such as Versital. A bathroom can have all the beauty of the natural material of stone and marble within the bathroom without the problems they would have had.

Versital and cultured marble are the ideal choice for a bathroom being completely non-porous, stain and water resistant, easy to keep clean and warm to the touch. They also look so much like natural marble, that even the Roman Bath’s in Bath have swapped their natural marble for Versital!

Marble bathrooms don’t have to be old fashioned, or even traditional in appearance.  The use of marble as a clean backdrop can give you an opportunity to add some fabulous accessories. These bathrooms and shower areas show where a light white and cream marble in ‘Champagne’ and ‘Perlato’ has been used to create a beautiful backdrop.  Edging dado in more dramatic finishes have been added in ‘Wenge’ and ‘Almond’ granite to add a bit of a twist.

If you like the black bathroom trend, you could even choose to have a black marble shower in ‘Norvein’,  using shower panels in this beautiful marble effect, along with this black marble shower tray. This design even goes as far as to include a marble seat in Versital!

This bathroom design idea has a beautiful onyx style marble in ‘Autumn Onyx’ from Versital as the main backdrop with a more dramatic sparkly accent in ‘Noire reflect’.

If you want your bathroom to have a traditional look and feel, then marble and Versital is an obvious choice. The classic colour and natural feel really lend itself to more traditional properties and styles.  Versital’s accessories range of fluted corner trim and dado also make for a traditional and classic feel.

This bathroom design incorporates a large bath with double sinks and storage with a sparkle finish being the main feature in ‘Ivory Pearl’ with ‘Coffee Cream’ brown marble as the complimenting accent colour.

With marble style bathrooms there really is lots of choice, whether you like the look of a traditional or more modern bathroom.  With today’s modern cultured marbles like Versital there really is no need to compromise with looks over practicality.

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