Create a Perfect Bathroom with Our 5 Simple Tips

The Perfect Bathroom in Your Reach

At Versital we are passionate about beautiful bathroom designs. After working with a wide range of customers and designers over the years, we understand the problems and pitfalls when making such a big change in your home.

When deciding to redecorate your bathroom, there are plenty of options and designs to choose from.  Take a look at our simple 5 step guide to help you through the process.

1. Think About the Bigger Picture

When planning the redevelopment of your bathroom, start with the basics and by thinking logically. Consider what features would you like to include in your perfect bathroom. Would that be a bath-shower combo, or would you prefer to have a large shower enclosure? Do you prefer to have a single sink or maybe two separate basins so you and your partner can get ready at the same time? Would you like to have just a sink, or are you looking for a vanity top to store all of your everyday necessities?

To arrive at the most feasible design, start by looking at what you currently have. Look at how you currently use your bathroom and think of what could possibly be changed to improve it. Be very critical and analyse every single element. Think about storage, issues with space management or even the colour scheme. Visit our blog page for inspiring projects and other advice.

2. Measure Your Space

Take the basic measurements of your space and draw up a simple sketch. Mark the position of windows, doors, sinks, shower and the WC. Bring the drawing with you whenever you plan on seeing any professionals or equipment suppliers. A quick sketch of the room can do wonders for a trained designer’s eye. It will allow you to proceed over the basic information much quicker, so your designer can devote more time to helping you create the perfect bathroom. You can also email it to us on along with your information and ideas if you would like to discuss your possibilities for using some of our products.

Wall and Shower Panels in Coffee Cream Marble Finish and Shower Tray and Decorative Panels in Coco-Loco Reflect Finish

3. Get Inspired

One of the most important jobs when creating your perfect bathroom is gathering inspiration. Collect ideas on colours, styles and overall looks that you love. Great places for inspiration are Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz. They offer you a selection of inspirational projects as well as actual bathroom that people have created.

Some other great sources of inspiration are interiors magazines like ‘Ideal Home’. You can also browse our blog page for ideas of bathroom designs from previous clients, as well as our partners Langley Interiors. They offer a range of traditional and modern designs that might be up your street.

Wall Panels and Floor Slab in Botticcino Marble Finish and Complimenting Decorating Panels in Coco-Loco Reflect Finish

4. Discuss Your Requirements with Experts

Once you have an idea of the look you are after and have a basic sketch of the area, you might want to discuss some of your possibilities with bathroom experts. Versital offers a range of made to measure shower trays, wall panels and vanity tops that can help you create your perfect bathroom.

5. Get Advice from Our Experts

Our experts are always at your disposal. Submit a quick quote request if you have your measurements or call us directly on 01204 380 780 to discuss your options. We also offer a free sample service so you can see the colours options in person.

For more information on Versital stone resin panels, Shower Trays or Vanity Tops have a look at these beautiful bathroom ideas. Call us on 01204 380 780 for further information or quotations.