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Made to Measure Bathroom Wall Panels

Think Tiles Are the Only Option – Think Again!

For many years, porcelain tiles have been the most chosen option when it comes to surfaces for the bathroom. Things have really moved on. With high quality made to measure stone resin wall panels, there is now a fantastic alternative to tiling.

High Quality Bathroom Wall Panels

Versital’s stone resin shower panels offer an incredibly versatile bathroom solution. They can be used anywhere from the bathroom walls and splash backs all the way through to the window sills should you wish.

They are the perfect solution for showers and wet rooms, as unlike tiles they do not require grouting and are therefore fully waterproof. Versital stone resin panels are installed cleanly and simply using sanitary grade silicone making them easy to clean as well as waterproof.

Wall Panels in Shiraz Sparkle Finish

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Beautiful Bespoke Bathroom Panels

Stone resin shower panels create a beautiful, unified finish, just like natural marble or granite slabs. Due to the large variety of colours you can choose from natural looking marble or granite finishes, or opt for something more sleek and modern with a solid RAL colour.

There is also the brand new ‘Inspired by Pantone’ collection for a marble finish with a modern twist. If you want a finish with real bling choose one of the sparkle finishes. All Versital Panels are 100% water and stain proof, making them an ideal choice for finishing your bathroom or any wet area.

Arabesque bathroom wall panel

No Grouting!

Unlike their tile counterparts stone resin panels, from the likes of Versital do not require grouting. They are simply installed using sanitary grade silicone. Such an installation method prevents them from trapping any dirt or discolouring over time.

Wall Panels in Arabesque Marble Finish and Vanity Top and Decorative Panels in Glouchester Marble Finish (2)

Easy To Clean

No seams or grouting also means that Versital bathroom panels are extremely easy to clean and very hygienic. They just need a quick wipe with a damp cloth to look as good as new.

Wetroom style shower in grey granite - granite look shower tray and panels

Made to Measure and Easy to Install

Versital’s solid stone resin panels are all made to measure to your chosen size requirements up to 3 meters. This makes the installation process much quicker and in turn could save you money on installation. You can discuss the requirements for you bathroom panels with our team of experts.

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Our experts can advise you on what size panels to order and the broad range of finishes available. For ease of installation panels are also very easy to trim on site, as they can be cut with ordinary wood work tools. If your installer requires any more advice with the process of cutting or installation please call us on 01204 380780.

Wall Panels and Vanity Top In Coffee Creme Marble Finish (1)

Matching Stone Resin Shower Trays and Vanity Tops

Versital has an extensive colour range including over 100 different finishes. All of the colours are available in the full range of Versital products, allowing you to match or contrast your wall panels with vanity tops, shower trays, bath decks and floors. It can help you create a sleek and beautiful bathroom, all perfectly matched.

When creating a wet room, stone resin shower panels are ideal, matched with a large shower tray they can create a fully waterproof and leak proof space all matching in colour.

Full Wet Room in Sandstone Granite Finish

Extensive Range of Marble and Granite Finishes

With Versital stone resin panels there is a huge range of colour and style options. Choose from natural look stone and granite, classic marble like ‘Arabesque’ which is a great match to Carrara marble, modern sparkle finishes for a touch of ‘Bling’, or the new ‘Inspired by Pantone’ range for something trend led.

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For more information on Versital stone resin panels, have a look at these beautiful bathroom ideas. Call us on 01204 380780 for further information or quotations.