Outdoor Table Tops

Versital offers a large range of commercial grade outdoor table tops for use outside cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants.

Hygienic Outdoor table tops

Made to order outdoor table tops

High quality outdoor table tops available in a large range of true to life marble, granite and even sparkle finishes.  Range of standard sized table tops as well as made to measure. Match decor throughout your installation with matching marble bar tops and marble washroom vanities available.

Antimicrobial Additive SteriTouch®

SteriTouch® is now added to all Versital table tops as part of the gel coat, offering increased protection and will restrict the growth of microorganisms including bacteria and mould.

SteriTouch® additives are effective against a broad range of bacteria, including those responsible for illness, infection, odours, staining and material degradation.

Ideal for all Weather Conditions

Versital is ideal for use outdoors, and will withstand difficult and extreme weather conditions found in the UK and abroad.

Versital outdoor table tops stand up to the stresses of heat, cold, frost, rain and even saline environments. 

As well as being ideal for use in the UK, Versital table tops can also be used all over the world, and have been supplied to clients in the Caribbean and Falkland Islands.

Huge Range of Colours and Finishes

Versital outdoor table tops come in over 100 finishes and 40 different marble styles including the very popular white ‘Arabesque’ and the brand new Carrara Marble inspired finish ‘Busy Carrata’. 

The latest exclusive range of metallic marble encompassing gold, silver and copper for a classic style with a twist. Browse through our extensive colour range or just through the marble finishes to find the style that suits your project the most.

Waterproof and Stain Proof – Easy to Clean

Unlike the real marble, Versital table tops have a protective gel coat cast intrinsic to the product to ensure a non-porous surface. With the fully natural look our table tops have a large advantage over the real marble, especially in commercial settings.

Our table tops are 100% water and stain proof and do not require any extra care to remain hygienic. Due to their non-porous surface they are also very hygienic and easy to clean.

Protective Gel Coat against Germs and Coronavirus 

Unlike real marble and stone, all surfaces from Versital feature a protective hygienic gel coat that prevents the absorption of unwanted germs or liquids. 

Table tops are 100% water proof and stain proof and extremely easy to clean, using any preferred cleaning product that is non abrasive.

Features & Benefits

Ultra Hygienic And Stain Resistant

All surfaces are extremely hygienic, have no-where to catch dirt, do not water-mark and are extremely stain resistant. No harsh chemicals are needed to keep it looking as good as new. However, if you do want to use stronger cleaning products to protect against germs and Coronavirus then you can.

True to Life Marble And Granite Finish Options

Versital gives the option of true to life marble and granite look bar tops, whilst remaining completely hygienic, non-porous and stain resistant unlike the natural material. 

Main Benefits of Versital Faux Marble Compared to the Natural Product
  • Ultra Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Colour and finish is not be affected by cleaning
  • 100% waterproof and stain proof – has been tested against even the toughest stains you find in bars and restaurants such as beetroot and balsamic vinegar without issue
  • Very cost effective compared with real marble. Like for like we are confident Versital will be better value for money than real marble.
  • Moulded downstands and features built in – no seems or joints for a beautiful finish that won’t catch dirt or germs.
  • Huge range of sizes and colour options available.
  • Matching bar tops, washrooms vanities and panels available.
Lifetime Value For Money

When specifying a new installation, it is important to choose a product that is great value for money now, and over its lifetime. Versital products stand the test of time and will look fantastic for many years to come. The beauty of a marble table top from Versital is that they can be re-polished and refurbished numerous times after installation, extending the lifespan of your initial investment. No specialist equipment is required, and we can advise you how to do this yourself.

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Specifications & FAQ

Marble Table Top Price Application

Please contact us for details of table top prices. The price varies according to the finish, size and volume of order. We offer a range of popular standard size options, as well as custom sizes upon request.

Table Top Size Options

Full outdoor table options below:

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For a quotation on any of these sizes, or a bespoke table top option please call us on 01204 380780, or send a quote request form.

Table Top Edge Detail

We have a range of edge details available to choose from – please see the buying guide for more information.