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  1. Marble Bar Tops for New Italian in Blackpool

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    New Bar Installation: Marble Look Bar Tops for New Italian in Blackpool

    Amoro Restaurant in Blackpool has recently opened its’ doors with great success. We were delighted to work alongside and have our marble bar tops specified by Joseph Boniface Architects on this exciting new independent restaurant.

    Marble bar with LED underlighting

    Joseph Boniface Architects

    Versital worked alongside architects Joseph Boniface in Blackpool who designed and specified the full project with a sleek modern sleek design. As an experienced architect in commercial projects they opted for materials that look fantastic, but that were also easy to keep and would last long after the opening.

    Marble Alternative Bar Tops

    The client wanted a marble look for his Italian restaurant as a nod to tradition, but both he and the architect Joseph were concerned about using natural marble due to the problems the material inherently brings. Being naturally porous marble has a tendency to stain and is not waterproof, which is not ideal in a bar or restaurant situation.

    Marble bar top with LED underlighting.

    100% Waterproof Marble Look Bar Tops

    Versital faux marble is the ideal substitute for real marble where a real world practical solution is needed, as well as looking the part. Versital bar tops have all the look of a natural marble being hand made, but are 100% waterproof and stain resistance – perfect for a busy restaurant and bar area.

    Alternative to A Carrara Marble Bar Top

    Versital finish ‘Arabesque’ was chosen here as a great alternative to Carrara marble. The white background and black vein have a beautiful depth of colour. Being a hand made and veined product, it is the nearest match to natural marble on the market using a synthetic stone resin.

    Marble bar top - white with black vein.

    Bar Tops Made to Order

    All Versital bar tops are manufactured to order to design specifications and sizes from either the client direct or the interior designer and architect. Bar tops can be made from plan where needed, or template if that suits a customer best.

    Marble back bar - carrara look faux marble.

    In this project for Amoro Restaurant, the client required a template taking by a fitter we were able to recommend and the bar top was manufactured to that precisely.

    For more information on specifying or buying faux marble bar tops from Versital, or help with a current project please call us on 01204 380780 or send us a contact form with your relevant project information and company details.

  2. 3 Easy Steps to Make Any Bar or Restaurant Interiors Olympic Ready

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    Get Bar and Restaurant Interiors  Prepared For an Influx of Visitors

    With all the doom and gloom we have heard on the news of late, it could be easy to forget that this is actually a very exciting year for the UK, and one we have been working towards for a long time. It is of course the year of the Olympics being held in London.

    Whether you are a true sporting fan or not, this is definitely a time to celebrate being British and take advantage of the influx of visitors this will naturally bring, and of course taking advantage of our hospitality in our bars, clubs and restaurants.

    Along with the influx of tourists the Olympics will naturally bring , there will also be the ‘feel good’ factor surrounding the whole event and summer in general. Consumers feel more confident and happier to go out and about celebrating this time and at the same time spending money on food and drink.

    The first businesses to benefit from all this frivolity will no doubt be our fantastic bars and restaurants. To make the most of these new customers, and make sure they keep on returning, businesses are trying to make the most of their premises and update the decor as best they can. It is understandable that people are still more restricted than they have been in the past with their budgets, but there are ways that you can make the most of a smaller budget whilst making your venue looking welcoming.

    Here are some tips on how to improve your bar and restaurant interiors:

    1. A lick of paint!

    It’s amazing what a repaint of premises can do to brighten it up. If you are feeling a bit more artistic, you could also create a feature wall using some of the fantastic wallpaper available. This is the year of colour – experiment with your patterns and be as bold as you dare. Look for ideas on Flockyourwall, Ideal home magazine and Luci Living design.

     2. Recover your bar surfaces with a long lasting solid surface that will look fabulous.

    At Versital we offer bar tops that are made to measure and built to last, making your return on investment a wise one. Surfaces are waterproof, high gloss and stain resistant, making them ideal to use in a bar and restaurant environment. Being a decorative fascia, the bar tops are designed to go over your existing bar structure, so can be a very cost effective way to make a big impact. You can also choose to use Versital for your table tops to keep everything matching. Remember – Veristal surfaces can be refurbished after installation, making it possible to give your bar tops a face lift the next time something big happens!

    3. Improve your washroom areas.

    It is frequently underestimated how much impact the toilet facilities have on the impression people have of your establishment. Again, repaint these, clean and freshen them and replace any equipment that isn’t in full working order. If you want to do something a bit different, you could always add some integral bowls, work tops and panels or fascia in the sparkling ‘Reflect’ range from Versital to give your bathroom areas some real impact.

    Now is the perfect time of year to get started. Don’t leave it too late – the summer will come around quicker than you think! For more ideas and advice, please have a look at some of the commercial bar installations, or call us direct on 01204380780.