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  1. Top 5 Bathroom Trends You Need to See

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    With bathrooms evolving from being a room of functionality to a designing hot-spot, it is important to ensure that your bathroom is up to code in this designer fueled environment.

    Whether you want a classic and clean finish or something bold and bright to entice your guests into. You can certainly find a trend to inspire the transformation of your bathroom.

    Find out the top 5 trends that are making bathrooms go from drab to fab, and allow you to enjoy the space rather than keep it as a room of just functionality.

    Green and white bathroom with frog and leaf themed wallpaper

    1. Dark Bathrooms

    With the rising trend of neutrals, it created a commotion of excitement when we heard that black bathrooms are becoming more popular. With the classic and clean black finish complimented with light shades of grey or warm cream tones, we can understand the rising popularity.

    The use of black within the bathroom can create a contemporary feel, adding a tone of moodiness to the room and making it feel cosy. When complimented with neutral tones the black will pop and become an accent to the bathroom aesthetic.

    Would you dare to darken your bathroom with a modern black touch?

    If you are considering it, but not ready for a completely black bathroom why not consider a black marble finish, adding some lighter touches in the marble. At Versital we offer black marble vanity tops and jet black shower trays for the risk takers.

    Shower cubicle in Arabesque and vanity top in Gloucester.

    White and black veined wash room vanities with jungle themed wallpaper and a bespoke marble vanity top
    Featuring: Busy Carrata classic marble finish vanity tops
    Dark sparkle finish bespoke bathroom, with custom unique shaped bath.
    Featuring: Noire Reflect and Just Silver high sparkle finish

    2. Spathrooms

    Create a private sanctuary in your home to practice the necessary self-care rituals.

    Turn your bathroom into a haven of self-love, by using warm textures and fabrics to create a luxurious feel, as well as using soft and calming tones throughout the space. Add natural elements through woven baskets and natural wood touches to create a relaxing environment.

    Spathroom interior design bathroom tend
    Image: House Digest
    Washroom design using Versital cultured marble vanity top in Caramel and rustic top mounted stone basins
    Featuring: Caramel RAL 8008 marble finish vanity top

    3. Colour Drenching

    Dopamine designing has taken over, and that includes your bathroom. Colour has been used to create a statement and be eye-catching, a big trend that has been taking over bathrooms.

    Consider adding fun pops of colour through the use of wallpapers and paints. You can add focal points of colour through opting for fun colours of towels, bright furniture, colourful tiling or wall panels.

    Add colour to your bathroom in an eye-catching way which embodies your designing style.

    Featuring; Gloucester marble skirting and architrave
    Pink marble wash-trough and bright colour drenched commercial washroom
    Featuring: Koi metallic marble wash-trough

    4. Small Space Solutions

    Maximise your floor space with clever storage solutions such, floating vanity units and bespoke shower trays, made to fit the space perfectly.

    No matter the shape of the bathroom we can create the perfect bespoke shower tray to any size or shape, to ensure you can make the most of your bathroom. With a range of over 90 different colours, you can create the perfect shower tray to match the aesthetic and trend you love. Who said small spaces can’t be luxurious?

    Featuring: Norvein marble architrave
    Light marble shower panels with Geo navy blue and gold wall paper
    Featuring Silver Stratos metallic marble shower panels and Bespoke shower tray

    5. Classic Styling

    We are seeing design move to a more timeless and classic aesthetic. With people opting to add a hint of opulence through adding a touch of marble or brass.

    As well as focusing on adding classic pieces of furniture with intricate detailing, opting for a piece that has longevity and will outlast the ever-changing trends.

    Cream and white classic bathroom with bright lighting around mirrors on the wall and classic white wooden vanity top.
    Image: Ciot
    Classic bathroom with bespoke marble vanity tops in a white classic marble finish
    Featuring; Sicilian marble vanity top
    Classic marble bespoke bathroom with a green marble bespoke vanity top
    Featuring; Moss Green marble vanity top and Decorative panels

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    To realise your vision with an experienced, expert, British manufacturer, get in touch with Versital today, where we can introduce you to a design advisor and supply you an estimate directly. Speak to us today on 01204 380780 or send us a contact form.

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  2. Bathroom Design In Unique Spaces

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    Bathrooms are a key room to any space, whether it be commercial or residential. Keeping your bathroom up to date with modern equipment and décor makes a big impact. An impressive domestic bathroom can elevate the overall feel of the property. As well as creating a relaxing space for you to enjoy in your downtime.

    Bold wallpaper

    Striking wallpapers are a great way to catch the eye in a bathroom. Even in a small space where you might think you should keep away from bold design and colour, being brave and opting for something dramatic can pay huge dividends. Far from making a space look smaller, a clever bold colour or design can make a big impact.

    Pairing a bold wallpaper with Versital marble, for any combination of the shower tray and panels, vanity tops or skirting, makes for a great modern bathroom design. The neutral background and traditional feel of the marble stops the room from feeling too overwhelming.

    bathroom design

    Making the most of a small bathroom

    With this bathroom design, the client wanted to make the most of the space available. Since they had plenty of other WCs available in the house, the decision was made to remove the toilet, opting to use the space instead for a larger walk-in shower. A custom shaped shower tray from Versital was ideal to make optimum use of the space. 

    Removing the toilet also offered the opportunity to include a large bathroom cabinet from Geberit and a feature top-mounted basin from V & B. 

    Feature lighting

    Lighting is a fantastic way to add interest and open up a room. The use of spotlights and clever LED strips under the furniture highlights the features and makes it feel larger.

    Spacious Bathroom Interior

    Bathroom Design Starring Versital

    Versital marble was used throughout the bathroom for a range of surfaces. The waterproof, easy-to-clean nature of all our marble products makes it the ideal choice for shower trays, panels and backsplashes. The anti-bacterial protection provided by SteriTouch makes it a great choice for vanity tops as well. 

    For this bathroom, the client opted for a striking, on-trend wallpaper – navy blue and gold Geometric pattern ticking all the boxes for this bathroom. They decided to keep the background neutral by mixing the marble finishes of Silver Stratos (metallic base) and Gloucester Grey (the dark accents) – allowing the geometric navy and gold wallpaper in this bathroom design to shine. design to shine.

    By opting for a neutral classic background with a classic marble, there is still lots of flexibility for future amendments. Should they wish to change the wallpaper – as fashions change – the neutral grey and white base offers lots of potential and goes with pretty much any colour.

    Sleek Bathroom Vanity Setup

    Unique Bathroom Design

    In most bathrooms, space is at a premium and very rarely do two have the same dimensions. Versital cultured marble can be ordered to a client or designers specifications. It can also be cut and scribed on-site without the need for pre-templating, making it absolutely perfect for matching unique room layouts and a simple installation process.

    Feeling Inspired?

    If this bathroom has inspired you to get creative with your next project, get in touch with Versital today. We can offer advice and help to your team to make the most of your design projects – whether that be a new or existing job. 

    Get In touch!

    For help and advise for how to use Versital to realise your design vision, get in touch today. We can introduce you to a design advisor and supply you an estimate directly. Speak to us today on 01204 380780 or send us a contact form.

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  3. Staycation Luxury: Marble Bathroom

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    With holidays abroad and even domestic hotel stays unavailable for most of the last 18 months, it’s been more difficult to get a slice of luxury into your life. This has turned many people to renovations and adding touches of aspiration to their own homes.

    It is truly the moment of the staycation – and with the pandemic meaning that many people’s expenditure has dropped significantly over the last 18 months, more and more people are looking to reinvest their savings into their homes. The bathroom is always a popular room to renovate, and what says luxury quite like a marble bathroom?

    marble shower


    We are always thrilled when our surfaces and products are used for domestic renovations as well as commercial works. Of course, without being afforded the opportunity to escape to luxurious hotels abroad, some people have decided to bring that style of design to their own homes – which is exactly what this client wanted. 

    We worked with the designer Langley Interiors to hand make bespoke surfaces for this renovation including a custom shower tray to incorporate fitted seats, shower panels, a striking vanity top with deep down stand and skirting. They come together beautifully to create the look of a hotel at home.


    A marble shower set inside a marble bathroom is the place to start. In any bathroom, the bath or shower is the centrepiece, and nothing makes a statement like a marble shower. For this design in particular, a seat and steam cabinet was incorporated which brings not only the features of a hotel but also a luxurious spa into the home.

    marble shower


    The twin sinks echo the most prestigious destinations across the world. The bathroom can be a trickier room to modernise due to the general lack of electrics compared to other rooms in the house, but here the his-and-hers sinks bring modernity to this marble bathroom.

    Thanks to the custom shower panels and Versital used throughout, there is no grout in this bathroom, which is unsightly at the best of times. Instead, the designer opted for sleek lines across the shower tray, vanity tops and the skirting, allowing the marble bathroom to blend seamlessly together. 

    With Versital being custom made to a designers specifications in terms of size and edge details it really allows them to create a sleek, modern look with minimal joins.

    Versital’s range of cultured marble finishes comes with all the aesthetic beauty of the material, whilst also being waterproof and easy to clean, with the benefits of Steritouch anti-bacterial technology. Moreover, as it can be cut on-site by the installer with ordinary woodworking tools there may not even be a need for pre-templating, making it the perfect choice for any luxury bathroom installation.

    To find out more about the range of marble bathroom products that Versital can offer, and assistance with making the most of your bathroom designs, get in touch with our team via the Get a Quote page on our website, or for more urgent questions contact us on 01204 380780.

  4. How much is a Bespoke Shower Tray?

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    The most common question we get when people contact Versital is ‘How much is a bespoke shower tray‘?  Although this is not a straight forward question, we will try to explain some general pricing guidelines.

    Bespoke shower trays are very different from off the shelf shower trays and therefore priced very differently.

    A bathroom is likely to be used daily. Whether it is for your own home or your client, you want to ensure you have the best quality product for the job.

    If the shower tray is for a hospitality installation, such as a hotel – an issue such as a leak could lead to damage to other rooms, and potentially bedrooms being out of action. Because of this, most clients choose to get the best quality product for the long term.

    Luxury bathroom with bespoke shower tray

    How much does a bespoke shower tray cost?

    Bespoke shower trays from Versital range in price anywhere between £958+ vat to £2500 + vat. The cost will vary depending on the overall square meterage, as well as other extra’s or features that you might wish to add on. You can opt for additional extra’s such as additional height, channel drains or even multiple waste positions.

    Made from Composite Stone Resin

    All Versital shower trays are made from composite stone resin and available in a huge colour range. For comparison, a standard off the shelf stone resin shower tray can range anywhere from £120 + vat up to £800 + vat.

    However, made to measure shower trays offer a lot of important benefits over a standard off the shelf shower tray that can save you lot of money in the long run.

    Vanity Top, Shower Panels and Tray in Sandstone Granite Finish

    Bespoke shower trays can save on Installation costs

    Installation is by far one of the biggest costs for any bathroom, and a lot of the custom features of a bespoke shower tray will help to bring those costs down

    1. Completely custom size – no need to move walls to make a shower tray fit
    2. Custom shape – can be any shape, including curved sides, as well as include cut outs round corners.
    3. Custom waste position – no need to move pipework
    4. Fully waterproof and ready to install – no need to tank in most cases, or re-seal in years to come
    5. Fall slopes to the waste calculated and engineered to suit therefore no need for a former or slope to be created on the floor

    How big can I get a bespoke shower tray?

    Bespoke shower trays are available up to around 2.5 square meters. The main limitation is down to weight and us (and you for that matter!) being able to handle it and install it.  Our team of experts can advise you on your individual project so the best thing is to get in touch.

    How do I get a price for a bespoke shower tray?

    For an initial estimate all we need is the overall width and length of the shower tray you are looking for, and we can give you an estimate based on that. They start from £958 + vat and vary in price depending on the overall size and shape.  You can call us on 01204 380780 for a quick price over the phone, or send us a quote request for an official written estimate.

    Get a bespoke shower tray quote

    Why are bespoke shower trays more expensive than off the shelf shower trays?

    The reason a bespoke shower tray cost more than an off the shelf shower tray is mainly down to the labour intensive manufacturing process. Each shower tray is individually made to clients specifications for size, shape, waste position and colour.

    An individual mould is manufactured to suit the exact details a customer needs, and a shower tray is cast from that mould.

    How do bespoke shower trays compare to Wetrooms?

    At first glance a wetroom might seem a more cost effective option. Including a former for the base, tiles and tanking a starting cost might be around £550 + vat. However, this is without installation which is by far one of the most expensive costs in a bathroom. It can also be potentially one of the most costly mistakes if not done properly.

    A wetroom requires tanking and waterproofing before the former is fitted and then tiled on top of. It also needs to have a floor fall to the waste that has been properly calculated, as well as adequate drainage, which is another major cause of wetroom issues.

    By the time the installation costs are taken into consideration for a wetroom shower area, they are more than likely to be comparable to the cost of a bespoke shower tray.

    A Turn-key Solution

    With a bespoke shower tray there is the peace of mind that all the technical details such as floor fall, waste position etc have already been correctly engineered into the tray and is ready to install. Bespoke shower trays are manufactured in one piece, with no seams or joints to cause any potential leaks or issues going forwards.

    This is a much quicker and less costly installation option that could actually save on the overall cost of the finished bathroom.

    Get a personalised quote for a bespoke shower tray

    Huge Colour Range

    Bespoke shower trays from Versital also have the added benefit of being available in an extensive colour range, the majority for no extra charge. Choose from over 100 colour options in custom solid colours, true to life marble and granites to the more exotic sparkle finishes.

    Versital also offers made to measure shower panels to match the shower trays, offer a great alternative to create a wet room look.

    Large master bathroom in cream marble with contrasting sparkle skirting

    Benefit over real marble shower trays

    Unlike real marble, Versital offers true to life marble finishes that are 100% non porous and stain proof. It does not suffer from watermarks and is extremely easy to clean.

    Versital also has a cast certified anti slip to the standing area, which real marble does not include.

    Additional Hygienic properties from SteriTouch®

    Versital bespoke shower trays include a protective gel coat with the additive SteriTouch® for additional antimicrobial protection.

    SteriTouch® offers increased protection and will restrict the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and mould, including Serratia Marcescens. You probably know it better as the reddish-pink residue in your bathroom; found frequently on tiles, shower trays and around your shampoo.

    According to, “What’s This Pink Stuff in My Bathroom” published in AWWA’s November 2000 edition of Opflow, “Serratia marcescens has been found to be pathogenic to some people, having been identified as a cause of urinary tract infections, wound infections, and pneumonia”.

    The antimicrobial properties of Versital have been verified by independent laboratories using the ISO22196 test method.

    Matching products available

    As well as bespoke shower trays, Versital offers made to measure shower panels and vanity tops to complete the bathroom fit out, for a high end finish.

    Anti slip certified standing area cast into the shower tray

    All Versital custom made shower trays include a certified anti slip cast finish into the surface of the standing area. This is suitable for domestic and hospitality bathrooms. It’s worth remembering that tiles used in wetroom’s are unlikely to include this important safety feature.

    How long does it take to make a bespoke shower tray?

    Typically the lead time for a custom shower tray will be around 4 weeks from order to delivery. It is always worth asking if you have an urgent need or installation date and we will do our best if we have any availability.

    Request a Quote for a Bespoke Shower Tray

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  5. Video – Easy Access Bathroom Remodel

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    Easy Access Bathroom: Beautiful Bathroom Refurb

    One of our long standing clients, bathroom designer and installer Langley Interiors based in the North West, recently completed this beautiful and practical easy access bathroom transformation.

    Disability Bathroom : Safe and stylish!

    The clients father in ailing health needed their bathroom to be easy access and safe to use. The designer took this into account when creating a large walk in style shower complete with grab bars.

    Versital Shower Panels

    The bathroom was finished in Versital throughout, including Versital shower panels on the walls outside as well as inside the shower area. As well as looking beautiful, they are easy to clean and mantain.

    Bespoke Shower Tray For Large Easy Access Shower

    The designer chose to use a large bespoke shower tray to create a large wet room style shower tray that was easy to access and created a very level walk through.

    Built in Shower Seat

    Versital was used to create a safe and stylish built in shower seat that was not only safe to use, but also looks fabulous.

    Stylish Easy Access Bathroom Transformation Video

    The full project was followed from start to finish – you won’t believe the before pictures! See the full video below.


    Easy To Maintain

    Not only does the customer benefit from the beautiful aesthetics of Versital marble, it of course comes with all the benefits you’d expect from our marbles. Versital is extremely hygienic offering the anti-bacterial protection of SteriTouch, as well as being waterproof and easy to clean

    For advice on how to use Versital in an easy access bathroom or disability bathroom contact us direct on 01204380780. You can also request a quote from the team today.

  6. Modern Bathroom Design: Bright Orange RAL for Designer in Cheshire

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    Modern Bathroom : Custom RAL Shower Tray to Interior Design Spec

    Versital is well known for it’s custom shower trays and made to order resin shower panels.  When the architectural interior designer Arkhibuild approached us last year wanting to include custom RAL colours in their design we were all ears!

    Take a look at This Modern Bathroom Idea


    A great idea for a modern bathroom design is to opt for a feature area to stand out against the rest of the room.  Opting for a bright colour to stand out against a simple background keeps the bathroom feeling fresh and not too over powering.

    Bright RAL orange shower trayBespoke Shower Tray and Resin Shower Panel

    This bespoke stone resin shower tray in RAL 2009 orange will be set against a stunning feature wall panel also from Versital in the exact same colour and material, with crisp white tiles to contrast.

    All Versital bathroom surfaces including shower trays, resin shower panels and vanity tops can be specified in any RAL colour from the full RAL chart.

    For more ideas on modern bathroom designs using Versital bathroom surfaces take a look at our other bathroom articles.  For a bathroom brochure and more assistance call and speak to the team on 01204380780 sales@versital.co.uk.

  7. Wet Room Floor Solutions

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    Wet Room Solution – Custom Made Shower Floor

    Unlike tanking which is notoriously difficult to get right, Versital made to measure shower trays offer a solution for easy to install wet room bathrooms. They are 100% waterproof and tested to category 2 anti slip standards – perfect for a wet area! This negates the need for tricky tanking and can save money in the long term. Made to exact shape and size you require for a bespoke Wetroom.

    All-In-One Wet Room Solution

    Unlike other wet room floor systems that require several different stages, including tanking, a base board and tiling, Versital bespoke shower trays come ready to install without the need for any other work. The waste outlet can be made where you need for ease of installation, and the choice of colours makes the tray an already finished item to blend beautifully with the rest of your bathroom.

    Luxury wetroom style bathroom with walk in shower and top mounted sink.

    Wet Rooms Made Simple

    With a Versital bespoke shower tray in a wet room, there is no need for tanking or any other process normally associated with created a wet room.

    Get A Quote Today For A Bespoke Shower Tray Wet Room Solution

    Problem Wetrooms or Shower Areas

    Versital made to measure shower trays are the ideal solution for problem with wet rooms and large shower areas. They can provide a cost effective solution with issues such as leaking wet rooms, broken seals or broken shower trays. The problem can be dealt with in the locality of the shower area by installing a beautiful low profile, purpose made shower tray, whilst leaving the rest of the wetroom untouched.

    Huge Colour Range – Over 90 Colour Options

    Versital has over 90 colour options in the range, to offer a beautiful seamless match with the rest of your bathroom.

    Nonporous, Stain Resistant and Hygienic Surface

    Versital bespoke shower trays are manufactured with a protective gel coat which makes them 100% nonporous, stain resistant and hygienic – making them perfect for commercial and domestic application alike. They don’t need treating on installation or in the future to maintain the waterproof properties.

    Matching High Quality Shower Panels

    For a complete wetroom style shower and bathroom, complement your bespoke shower tray with matching or complementing shower panels available in the same high quality stone resin finishes. Take a look and get an instant shower panel quote.

    “The most common issue with problem Wetrooms is making sure they are completely watertight. If you don’t take care at installation, you could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to your home”.
    Gemma Stockberger – Versital.

    Call us on 01204380780 for more advice, or get a quote instantly by filling in the quote request form.