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  1. Tiles vs High Quality Stone Resin Panels

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    Think Tiles are the only option – think again!

    For many years, porcelain tiles have been the only option when it comes to surfaces for the bathroom. However as with everything, things have really moved on. With high quality stone resin panels, there is now a fantastic alternative to use shower panels instead of tiles.

    Shower panels can be used anywhere in the bathroom that you would normally use tiling. You can use them to surround the bath, as splash backs and wall coverings. Most importantly, they are ideal when used in the shower.

    Seamless Bathroom Panels

    Stone resin shower panels give another option for creating beautiful seamless bathrooms that are 100% waterproof and stain resistant. Creating a sense of ease when it comes to the installation as well as cleaning. Whilst also giving you a clean, seamless bathroom that you love to spend your time.

    No Grouting!

    Shower panels such as Versital do not need grouting and instead simply use sanitary grade silicone to install. No grouting means that there is no-where that can become discoloured or trap dirt.

    Grouting is inherently porous and offers somewhere to tray water and dirt. Over time it will become discoloured and can even lead to leaks. However, a key benefit of using silicone is its non-porous nature as well as it being waterproof and a hygienic option due to it being unable to harbour germs. This will ensure your bathroom remains an easy to maintain and hygienic space. As well as this due to silicone not degrading easily it ensures that your bathroom will remain looking brand new for a long time!

    Easy To Clean

    No seams or grouting also means that bathroom panels are extremely easy to clean and hygienic. With tiles and grout, every single line of grout and join has to be cleaned individually. With a panel, a simple wipe with a non abrasive cleaning product and soft cloth will have it looking as good as new. Saving you time and effort from having to scrub your bathroom walls! Making your life easier and keeping your bathroom looking fantastic!

    Made to Measure and Easy to Install

    Unlike tiling that can be a very time consuming process to install, Versital bathroom panels are made to measure which makes installation simple. Simply order the panel sizes you need and fix into place. You can also order panels oversized and cut on site for a perfect fit.

    By having made to measure panels it also ensures that you don’t have to worry about waste or paying for excess, instead you are getting exactly what you need!

    Matching Stone Resin Shower Trays and Vanity Tops

    Along with Versital stone resin panels, there is also the option for a fully matching bathroom. Versital offer a stone resin shower tray and a matching vanity top – perfect for creating a modern wetroom style shower. These are also made to measure and full waterproof.

    This will help you create the perfect cohesive bathroom that you will love for years to come and will enable to use the space to its maximum potential.

    Extensive Range of Marble and Granite Finishes

    With Versital stone resin panels there is a huge range of colour and style options. Choose from natural look stone and granite, classic marble like ‘Arabesque’ which is a great match to Carrara marble, or modern sparkle finishes for a touch of ‘Bling’! With over 100 different colour options, we are certain that you will find a colour combination that really embodies your aesthetic and creates the perfect space that you will be happy to spend time in for years to come.

    Get In touch!

    To realise your vision with an experienced, expert, British manufacturer, get in touch with Versital today, where we can introduce you to a design advisor and supply you an estimate directly. Speak to us today on 01204 380780 or send us a contact form.

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  2. Problem Wetrooms? Versital has the Solution


    Grey granite wetroom shower area.Why Choose a Wetroom?

    Wetrooms look fantastic and are the perfect modern addition to any home. They are practical for children and adults, as well as those who are less mobile.

    Senior Designer  Peter Langley of Langley Interiors says,

    “A wetroom can help to increase the value of your home. Estate agents recently reported that a wetroom can create a premium of up to £10,000.”

    Size Is No Object

    A wetroom is a perfect addition to the home whatever the size of the room. In fact – in small bathroom it can be the best solution to make use of a small space. Choose a bespoke shower tray in a small area to create your Wetroom look.

    Grey granite wetroom shower area.

    Wetroom shown built using Versital panels in ‘Graphite’, bespoke shower tray and shower seat.

    Make A Wetroom Watertight

    “The most common issue with problem Wetrooms is making sure they are completely watertight. If you don’t take care at installation, you could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to your home”.

    Gemma Stockberger – Versital.

    All Versital products are 100% waterproof, including shower panels and shower trays to create a complete Wetroom look.

    Made To Measure Shower Tray

    Unlike tanking which is notoriously difficult to get right, Versital made to measure shower trays offer a solution to problem Wetrooms. They are 100% waterproof and tested to category 2 anti slip standards – perfect for a wet area! This negates the need for tricky tanking and can save money in the long term. Made to exact shape and size you require for a bespoke Wetroom.

    Wetroom style bathroom with shower, sink and seat.

    Wetroom bathroom designed using Versital panels, made to measure shower tray, shower seat and vanity top in ‘Sandstone’.

    100% Waterproof High Quality Shower Panels

    Get rid of unsightly grouting by using high quality shower wall panels. Being 100% waterproof this makes installing a Wetroom easy and protects against future potential problems.

    Avoid Splashes

    Any Wetroom area under 6m2 should have a screen to separate the showering area from the rest of the sanitary ware and prevent it becoming soaked. There are lots to choose from on the market, including screens from Aqata. A single glass panel or open sided enclosures are good options.

    Marble, Granite and Stone Colour Options

    Versital offer a full range of finishes including marble, granite and stone with matching shower panels,  shower trays and vanity tops to complete your Wetroom look. You can have shower panels in a matching finish to your shower tray for a flawless Wetroom look.

    For more advice on building and avoiding problem wetrooms please call us direct on 01204380780. You can visit your nearest bathroom distributor or buy direct at the Versital online store.