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  1. Shower Panels vs Tiles

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    The Full Guide to Panels vs Tiles In The Bathroom

    When designing and installing a new bathroom, the first thought used to be ceramic tiles.

    However, things are changing when it comes to bathrooms and the availability of different products, and shower panels are fast becoming the way to go.


    Ceramic tiles are the traditional way to waterproof and finish a bathroom. However, the main problem with tiled bathrooms is the leaks that are caused mainly by poor grouting. Although a leak may be apparent, they are often very difficult to locate.

    Waterproof Board

    One type of board on the market are laminated boards with MDF or Polyfoam backing or core. They come in standard sheet sizes, usually 2400 x 1200. They are a waterproof solution for shower areas. However, problems can happen if water penetrates the waterproof laminated surfaces and causes the backing to swell or ‘blow’ with water damage. They are also limited when it comes to sizes, with only standard sizes available and limited colour choice.

    Black and white double shower with seatsStone Resin Shower Panels From Versital

    Another type of waterproof panel that is growing in popularity across the market are stone resin shower panels from the likes of Versital. Stain resistant, easy to fit and beautiful high quality finishes.

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    High Quality Shower Panels

    Unlike other shower panels, stone resin shower panels are totally solid with no backing board to cause issues, and 100% waterproof.

    No Grouting

    Like all panels, the major benefit with stone resin shower panels from Versital is the total lack of grouting. Instead of grouting simply seal joins with sanitary grade silicone.

    Luxury wetroom style bathroom with walk in shower and top mounted sink.

    Made to Your Preferred Sizes To Fit

    Stone resin shower panels from Versital are manufactured to preferred sizes anywhere up to 3 meters long and as small as half a meter! You are not limited to standard sizes that won’t necessarily fit your bathroom. With so many size options available, you can use the panels wherever you want in the bathroom, not just the shower area. You can also cut the panels with ordinary working tools for a perfect fit.

    Over a 100 Colour Options to Emulate Real Marble and Granite

    Versital has the largest range of panel colour choice on the market, with over 100 colours available in true to life marble and granites, as well as high gloss sparkle options.

    Traditional granite style bathroom in warm brown stone.

    For more information on stone resin shower panels, to get a personalised quotation or place an order please call Versital on 01204 380780 or email sales@versital.co.uk.