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  1. How much is a Bespoke Shower Tray?

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    The most common question we get when people contact Versital is ‘How much is a bespoke shower tray‘?  Although this is not a straight forward question, we will try to explain some general pricing guidelines.

    Bespoke shower trays are very different from off the shelf shower trays and therefore priced very differently.

    A bathroom is likely to be used daily. Whether it is for your own home or your client, you want to ensure you have the best quality product for the job.

    If the shower tray is for a hospitality installation, such as a hotel – an issue such as a leak could lead to damage to other rooms, and potentially bedrooms being out of action. Because of this, most clients choose to get the best quality product for the long term.

    Luxury bathroom with bespoke shower tray

    How much does a bespoke shower tray cost?

    Bespoke shower trays from Versital range in price anywhere between £958+ vat to £2500 + vat. The cost will vary depending on the overall square meterage, as well as other extra’s or features that you might wish to add on. You can opt for additional extra’s such as additional height, channel drains or even multiple waste positions.

    Made from Composite Stone Resin

    All Versital shower trays are made from composite stone resin and available in a huge colour range. For comparison, a standard off the shelf stone resin shower tray can range anywhere from £120 + vat up to £800 + vat.

    However, made to measure shower trays offer a lot of important benefits over a standard off the shelf shower tray that can save you lot of money in the long run.

    Vanity Top, Shower Panels and Tray in Sandstone Granite Finish

    Bespoke shower trays can save on Installation costs

    Installation is by far one of the biggest costs for any bathroom, and a lot of the custom features of a bespoke shower tray will help to bring those costs down

    1. Completely custom size – no need to move walls to make a shower tray fit
    2. Custom shape – can be any shape, including curved sides, as well as include cut outs round corners.
    3. Custom waste position – no need to move pipework
    4. Fully waterproof and ready to install – no need to tank in most cases, or re-seal in years to come
    5. Fall slopes to the waste calculated and engineered to suit therefore no need for a former or slope to be created on the floor

    How big can I get a bespoke shower tray?

    Bespoke shower trays are available up to around 2.5 square meters. The main limitation is down to weight and us (and you for that matter!) being able to handle it and install it.  Our team of experts can advise you on your individual project so the best thing is to get in touch.

    How do I get a price for a bespoke shower tray?

    For an initial estimate all we need is the overall width and length of the shower tray you are looking for, and we can give you an estimate based on that. They start from £958 + vat and vary in price depending on the overall size and shape.  You can call us on 01204 380780 for a quick price over the phone, or send us a quote request for an official written estimate.

    Get a bespoke shower tray quote

    Why are bespoke shower trays more expensive than off the shelf shower trays?

    The reason a bespoke shower tray cost more than an off the shelf shower tray is mainly down to the labour intensive manufacturing process. Each shower tray is individually made to clients specifications for size, shape, waste position and colour.

    An individual mould is manufactured to suit the exact details a customer needs, and a shower tray is cast from that mould.

    How do bespoke shower trays compare to Wetrooms?

    At first glance a wetroom might seem a more cost effective option. Including a former for the base, tiles and tanking a starting cost might be around £550 + vat. However, this is without installation which is by far one of the most expensive costs in a bathroom. It can also be potentially one of the most costly mistakes if not done properly.

    A wetroom requires tanking and waterproofing before the former is fitted and then tiled on top of. It also needs to have a floor fall to the waste that has been properly calculated, as well as adequate drainage, which is another major cause of wetroom issues.

    By the time the installation costs are taken into consideration for a wetroom shower area, they are more than likely to be comparable to the cost of a bespoke shower tray.

    A Turn-key Solution

    With a bespoke shower tray there is the peace of mind that all the technical details such as floor fall, waste position etc have already been correctly engineered into the tray and is ready to install. Bespoke shower trays are manufactured in one piece, with no seams or joints to cause any potential leaks or issues going forwards.

    This is a much quicker and less costly installation option that could actually save on the overall cost of the finished bathroom.

    Get a personalised quote for a bespoke shower tray

    Huge Colour Range

    Bespoke shower trays from Versital also have the added benefit of being available in an extensive colour range, the majority for no extra charge. Choose from over 100 colour options in custom solid colours, true to life marble and granites to the more exotic sparkle finishes.

    Versital also offers made to measure shower panels to match the shower trays, offer a great alternative to create a wet room look.

    Large master bathroom in cream marble with contrasting sparkle skirting

    Benefit over real marble shower trays

    Unlike real marble, Versital offers true to life marble finishes that are 100% non porous and stain proof. It does not suffer from watermarks and is extremely easy to clean.

    Versital also has a cast certified anti slip to the standing area, which real marble does not include.

    Additional Hygienic properties from SteriTouch®

    Versital bespoke shower trays include a protective gel coat with the additive SteriTouch® for additional antimicrobial protection.

    SteriTouch® offers increased protection and will restrict the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and mould, including Serratia Marcescens. You probably know it better as the reddish-pink residue in your bathroom; found frequently on tiles, shower trays and around your shampoo.

    According to, “What’s This Pink Stuff in My Bathroom” published in AWWA’s November 2000 edition of Opflow, “Serratia marcescens has been found to be pathogenic to some people, having been identified as a cause of urinary tract infections, wound infections, and pneumonia”.

    The antimicrobial properties of Versital have been verified by independent laboratories using the ISO22196 test method.

    Matching products available

    As well as bespoke shower trays, Versital offers made to measure shower panels and vanity tops to complete the bathroom fit out, for a high end finish.

    Anti slip certified standing area cast into the shower tray

    All Versital custom made shower trays include a certified anti slip cast finish into the surface of the standing area. This is suitable for domestic and hospitality bathrooms. It’s worth remembering that tiles used in wetroom’s are unlikely to include this important safety feature.

    How long does it take to make a bespoke shower tray?

    Typically the lead time for a custom shower tray will be around 4 weeks from order to delivery. It is always worth asking if you have an urgent need or installation date and we will do our best if we have any availability.

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  2. How to Fit a Bar Top : A Step by Step Guide

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    How to Fit a Bar Top : Video Guide

    When refurbishing and renovating a bar or restaurant, the bar area is likely to be one of the first areas to get a facelift. The bar top itself is an especially high traffic area that every customer who visits will be in contact with.

    A beautifully installed and fabulous bar top will really make an impact with customers and leave a lasting impression. A high quality bar top that looks fantastic is an essential addition to any new bar.

    Learn more about installation from our installation videos.

    High Quality Stone Resin Bar Tops

    Versital manufactures high quality stone resin bar tops in a huge range of finishes. Finishes include true to life faux marbles, granites as well as the striking high gloss sparkle ‘Reflect’ range of colours.

    Manufactured to Spec

    Bar tops are manufactured to spec from diagrams or measurements supplied. In the case of curved bars and more complicated shapes a template may be required to ensure a perfect fit.

    Get a Quote or Place an Order for a Bar Top.

    How to Fit a Bar Top

    Installing a new bar top needn’t be daunting. Any good joiner or tradesmen with some skill will be perfectly able to accomplish this with a little guidance from us.

    Watch the following short video for our step by step guide to how to fit a bar top from Versital.


    For more advice or assistance with installing a bar top please contact us direct on 01204380780, or drop us an email via our contact form. We are happy to provide bar top estimates and give installation guidance and advice. We look forward to hearing from you.