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  1. Create the Perfect Luxury Bathroom In Your Own Home

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    With attention to detail and planning, a luxury bathroom can be created in any home. Luxury bathrooms are all about creating a space where you can relax at the end of a stressful day, as well as get ready with ease on busy weekday mornings.

    Luxury Bathroom Ideas

    Bathroom Furniture

    Bathroom furniture in wood or white gloss finishes has a timeless appeal. Bespoke solutions make the best use of available space. Or you can choose off the shelf solutions from the likes of ‘Mereway’ bathrooms.

    Bathroom Fittings

    For the ideal showering solution opt for a shower system that includes a large fixed shower head, with a refreshing rainfall style effect, as well as a shower handset for easier rinsing and cleaning.

    Walk in showers are ideal for creating a sleek bathroom. For a neat, minimal finish install a shower tray in the same finish as the floor. Versital offer bespoke shower trays and floor slabs in matching finishes to the shower trays.

    Beautiful luxury bathroom with a striking feature shower area using a made to measure shower tray in grey sparkle

    Luxury Materials

    Luxurious materials are essential. It’s definitely worth investing in materials such as stone and solid wood to add a smart, sophisticated look. Choose solid surfaces such as Versital for the look of marble and stone, but that are 100% waterproof and require no treating.


    Lighting makes a massive difference. Dimmer switches allow you to alter the ambiance of the bathroom.

    Luxury bathroom design in silver and black sparkle

    Key Design Points for a Successful Luxury Bathroom

    • Invest in luxury materials that will stand the test of time.
    • If you have the space, install a separate bath and shower enclosure
    • Prioritise comfort and functionality.
    • Research and decide on the look you want. Look at our website and even hotel websites, as bathrooms in boutique hotels are a great source of inspiration.

    Expert Opinions

    Are luxury bathrooms really worth the effort? These two experts to share their thoughts.

    The Interior Designer

    A couple of years ago people were happy with a standard clean-lined bathroom with a nice feature wall. Now the request for more luxurious fittings and fixtures, as well as luxury materials has never been greater. More people realise the bathroom isn’t just a functional room, it’s a space to unwind and ease the tensions of the day.

    Susan Quirke, Quirke McNamara Consultancy.

    The Estate Agent

    Bathrooms definitely help sell houses. A bathroom with a spa or hotel feel gives homes the wow-factor and help them stand out from the crowd.
    Buyers are put off by old bathrooms as they don’t want the hassle, fuss and expense of having to redo a bathroom once they move in. A high end bathroom leads viewers to believe that the rest of the house will be to the same standard too.

    Hilary Fielding, Hilary’s Estate Agents.

    For more advise on materials and bathroom designers to create a luxury bathroom using Versital surfaces, please call Versital on 01204380780. Or follow us on Facebook for the latest bathroom installations and design ideas.


  2. Luxury Bathrooms Become a Tangible Asset

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    Luxury Bathrooms a Must Have For Savvy Sellers

    As life becomes more frantic in the 21st Century, the bathroom more than ever has become an area we use to retreat and revive ourselves. Luxury bathrooms have become top of many people’s ‘must have’ list. But for savvy sellers, it is also a profitable investment.

    In days gone by, a bathroom was a place you would simply ‘wash and go’. These days a luxury bathroom has become a necessity to a lot of people, especially when purchasing an up-market home.

    Designer look bathroom in white marble - marble panels, marble shower tray and marble vanity top.

    Luxury Bathrooms are Deemed Essential

    “As far as the prime central London market is concerned, less than one bathroom for each bedroom is fundamentally too few. In an ideal world, a five-bedroom house should have a minimum of two en suite bath or shower rooms, plus one family bathroom.” Bella Tellwright, Of Notting Hill estate agents Crayson.

    Robin Chatwin, head of Savills in south-west London has declared that buyers can’t get enough bathing opportunities.

    “The appetite for multiple bathrooms continues to grow,” he explains. “It’s not uncommon to see an extra bathroom added by sacrificing a small bedroom.”

    Beautiful master bathroom with a striking feature shower area using a made to measure shower tray in grey sparkle

    High Quality Solid Surfaces Used to Create a luxury Bathroom Installation

    And what the materials used to create bathrooms has changed dramatically. The market is full of beautiful high end products, from bespoke baths and taps, through to fabulous marble, granite and sparkle solid surface products from the likes of Versital. As The Telegraph states:

    “The biggest transformation has been in what the modern bathroom is made of. Gone are the chipboard cupboards and the plastic shower trays. In their place are carefully matched wall panels made of Calacatta marble, fog-free make-up mirrors and £4,500 copper baths”.

    A Spa in Your Own Home

    Another idea originating from hotels that is growing in popularity is the creation of a complete suite incorporating both the bedroom and bathroom, nicknamed the ‘bethroom’. Creating spa-like experience’s with steam rooms, or walk-in shower areas using solid surface paneling in calming marble and granite finishes.

    Bespoke shower tray to fit walk in shower with seat area. Twin sinks and corner style bath.

    No Grouting Required

    Of course, any real luxury bathroom won’t be troubled with issues such as grouting. Opting for solid surface panels, seamless shower trays and vanity tops creates a clean and calm environment with no grouting required.

    For more ideas on creating your own luxury bathroom visit www.versital.co.uk. Call us on 01204380780 for more information and your nearest supplier.