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  1. NEW BCFA Member!

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    We are excited to announce that we are now a member of the British Contract Furnishing Association. (BCFA)

    We have been fortunate to work alongside many suppliers and clients of the highest reputation over the years.  We work hard to supply beautiful hand made solid surface products to the hospitality sector.  Only British companies of excellent standing are accepted into the association, so we were understandably delighted to be successful.

    Within the hospitality sector we supply a variety of solid surface products, including:

    The BCFA has the highest principles which we also work to:

    • To ensure that clients receive the best practicable service, having regard to the nature and price of the goods or services supplied.

    • To encourage the promotion and observance of good, ethical business practice.

    • To maintain and enhance the reputation, standing and good name of the Association and its membership.

    • To encourage collaboration, initiative and enterprise within the Association.

    To find out more about the BCFA and how it helps its’ members to provide excellent products and services, take a look at the BCFA website.

  2. Bangladesh Tragedy – will people start to think about where goods are made?

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    Bangladesh tragedy in April 2013 -  volunteers try to find survivors.The BBC has confirmed that over 1,100 people have died when a garment factory building collapsed last month.

    I don’t think we’re alone to be shocked and saddened by this terrible tragedy in Bangladesh.

    Bangladesh has been a large supplier of cheap clothing over the last 30 years. Make it British estimates that this industry turns over £20bn a year and accounts for 80% of exports.

    Unsafe Working Conditions

    Shockingly, according to an article from the BBC, 50% of garment factories are located in unsafe premises.

    It does get you to thinking where other low cost goods are manufactured around the world, and how safe the working conditions are. Most of us want to make sure we purchase good quality and value products, but not at the expense of people’s safety.

    If there is something positive we can take from this awful tragedy, is for people to stop and think where their goods have come from, and their real value.

    Manufactured In The UK

    At Versital all of our solid surface products are manufactured in the UK. As well as having the benefit of high quality products manufactured close to home with a low carbon footprint, when you buy Versital you know that you are supporting a business with high standards of safety and care for its’ employees.

    Walk in wet room bathroom area.

    “At Versital we have manufactured high quality solid surface products in the UK for 25 years. Each piece is made by hand by highly skilled craftsmen.  We are proud to manufacture in the UK and will continue to do so thanks to our customers support. With the difficulties happening in economies worldwide, it is always good to know you can buy high quality solid surface products whilst supporting a long standing UK business.”

    Debra Langley – MD of Versital UK

    Call direct on 01204380780 for more information on Versital solid surfaces, or find out more about Versital online.