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  1. Harts Boatyard – Surbiton

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    The Harts Boatyard is centrally located in the picturesque town of Surbiton, overlooking the peaceful & idyllic surroundings on the banks of the River Thames.

    JMDA design were tasked with enhancing the already peaceful setting, whilst injecting a burst of energy into this charming riverside venue.

    Part of the Mitchells and Butlers restaurant group, this venue has an established client base upon which to improve and update. The bones of the building worked well, but a face lift and refresh were needed.

    Bright colour combination

    JMDA have once again brought an interesting and modern take on a this bar/restaurant.  Using a combination of bright bold fabrics and wallpapers, and dark contrasting walls.

    Harts boatyard surbiton bright and dark colour combination

    Zoned Areas

    The design team added interest to the venue by dividing it into sections using a variety of design and colours.

    Darker colours are used in the dining areas for a cosy feel, whereas the bar has been kept light with vibrant fabrics and burnt orange tones.

    Some areas of the venue are designed with families in mind, whereas others have been tailored to appeal to a grown up crowd.

    Classic Marble bar tops and table tops

    Marble bar tops are still a popular choice – a timeless material that works well with a lot of other materials and colours. The drawback with real marble is that it is naturally porous and can stain and watermark.

    Bar design inspo at the Harts boatyard

    JMDA opted for Versital cultured marble bar tops and marble table tops. Being a resin composite hand made to replicate real marble, it has the massive benefits of being waterproof and stain proof whilst having the look of marble.

    The bar tops have a modern twist. The Metallic Marble finish in Copper Stratos incorporates veins of shimmering metallic thread throughout.

    Combining Materials

    The marble bar tops are complemented perfectly by the bar frontage, a combination of burnt orange tiles from Parkside and oak panels.


    Lighting is an important design element for any venue. As well as LED’s to the bar frontage, a mixture of feature pendants, wall lights and spotlights are dotted throughout the restaurant to create atmosphere.

    Not forgetting The Washrooms!

    The washrooms have become an important consideration to any bar and restaurant. They are regularly the location for selfies and Instagram images, and the lighting and decor often sited as important to visitors.

    Striking marble vanity tops, in a custom ‘Carrata’ style marble from Versital are the main feature.  The tops are fully waterproof and stain proof, ideal for busy washrooms. They are also extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

    Harts boatyard marble washrooms

    Custom Details

    The back splash incorporates a beautiful curved detail to the top corners for an art deco appeal, crafted in the Versital workshop.

    The gold and teak style wood to the front of the vanities is the perfect complement to the marble top.

    To find out more about this project, or how we can help with your next job, please contact Versital on 01204 380780 or email sales@versital.co.uk

  2. The Wavendon Arms – Mitchells and Butlers

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    Located in a picturesque town of Wavendon, the stunning newly renovated pub, bar and restaurant is perfect for both locals and tourists alike. JMDA were once again behind this striking design, known for their cutting edge style and out-of-the-box approach.

    Beautiful Bar in the Heart of Wavendon

    The Wavendon Arms is just one example of Mitchells and Butlers sites JMDA have been involved with. Wavendon is a peaceful town in the south east of England. The pub, bar and restaurant reflects the personality of the locality extremely well. The venue welcomes everyone whether it’s a friends’ night out or a romantic dinner. The large building with a patio and garden offers a range of spots perfect for different situations.

    Bar Top in Caramel

    Spectacular Interiors

    For the interiors of the venue the designers opted for a tropical inspired dark theme. Most of the background colours include dark greys, indigo’s and deep green. Their is plenty of natural light, preventing the space from feeling dark or cluttered.

    To contrast the dark elements JMDA used plenty of greenery, tropical inspired ornaments and funky paintings of exotic birds.

    Wavendon Arms JMDA bar design using Versital

    Two Incredible Focal Points

    Their are two main focal points in the venue. The first is the large custom bar area completed by a Versital bar top finished in one of the brand new colours from ‘Inspired by Pantone’ collection, highlighted by LED back lights.  The second is a striking open log burner. The bar top perfectly complements the exotic look of the interiors. Its caramel vein is the ideal match for the overall colour palette.

    The Wavendon Arms Open Log Burner

    Breath Taking Surfaces

    The Versital bar top is a great finishing touch to the serving area. It works perfectly with the modern exotic style of the venue. Versital surfaces are perfect for high traffic areas as they do not stain or watermark, while having the appearance of real stone.

    The designers also opted for Versital surfaces for the table tops as well as bathroom vanities and splash backs, proving versatility of the material. All Versital products including table tops and bar tops are anti bacterial, stain proof and waterproof.  Ideal in high traffic situations.

    Beautiful Bathrooms

    JMDA paid particular attention to the washrooms at this bar, which is an area often neglected.  Customer surveys have shown that they do appreciate the decor and design used in washrooms when out socialising – often being inspired for their own bathrooms at home!  Mitchells and Butlers are known for continuing the quality of their installations throughout their venues, including washrooms. Beautiful lighting, funky wallpaper and gorgeous marble vanity tops courtesy of Versital come together to create a memorable washroom. As well as looking beautiful, Versital vanity tops are 100% waterproof and stain proof making them an ideal choice for a busy public washroom.

    Vanity Tops in Caramel from 'Inspired by Pantone' Marble Range with a Splash Back

    For more information on our marble bar tops, table tops, vanity tops or our ‘Inspired by Pantone’ Collection take a look at information guide. If you would like advice, samples or wish to place an order for a bar tops or table tops, please call us on 01204380780, or email us at sales@versital.co.uk.

  3. The Lyttelton Arms Restaurant and Pub

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    Exciting new venue in the charming town of Hagley near Birmingham is everything you would expect of a bar design from JMDA. The designers created a funky new style, perfect for the beautiful restaurant pub and bar.

    Relaxed and Contemporary Look

    The Lyttelton Arms is a brand new concept venue created by the hospitality designers JMDA. The dark colours used in the interior are contrasted against many sources of overlaying light and tropical themes to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    Lyttleton Arms Busy carrata bar top

    The designers opted for many pieces of bold art placed thoughtfully throughout the venue in an array of prints, neon features and 3D elements. Combined with the amazing seasonal menu and cocktails, the venue has become an instant hit.

    Shortlisted for the International Design Excellence Awards

    The project has been recognised professionally and shortlisted for the highly sought after SBID Award.  Due to how impressive the bar design is.

    Vote for The Lyttleton Arms Finalist

    Lyttelton Arms Verse table top

    Bright and Bold Interiors

    The interiors use a dark colour palette featuring many block colours such as navy blue, purple and moss green. As well as bold colours, bold prints for the wallpapers were chosen to really create an impact.


    The venue is finished off with artistic, one of a kind elements including chandeliers, bar tops and pieces of modern art. The made to measure, custom bar top adds character and livens up to the space. The finish dubbed ‘Busy Carrata’ was custom engineered specifically for this project working in conjunction with the design team and JMDA.

    Lyttelton Light up Wallpaper

    Brand New Custom Finishes

    Versital has worked closely with JMDA  to create custom finished and unique pieces for their bar designs. The collaboration created the innovative finish ‘Busy Carrata’, which is used on table tops and show stopping bar top.   Rich brown marbled finishes were also chosen for the table tops

    Lyttelton Busy Carrata bar and table

    “We are delighted to be able to continue to push the boundaries of design and colour working with exciting designers like JMDA.  It is always a pleasure to work on exiting innovative venues that make the best of what our surfaces can offer.  We are always happy to look at custom colours and designs for roll outs and JMDA continue to make the most of our expertise for marble surfaces to help them create unique designs.”

    Fantastic Properties

    Alongside the amazing looks of Versital surfaces are their superb properties. Every piece of Versital is coated with high gloss protective gel coat ensuring that the material will not stain or watermark what can be a real problem when using real stone. Versital surfaces are also easy to care for and are highly hygienic making them an amazing selection for bars and restaurants alike.  As well as bar tops and table tops, Versital tops are ideal used for washroom vanities.

    For more information on our marble bar tops, table tops, or our ‘Inspired by Pantone’ Collection take a look at information guide. If you would like advice, samples or wish to place an order for a bar tops or table tops, please call us on 01204 380780, or email us at sales@versital.co.uk.