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  1. Bold, bright and bespoke bathrooms at Royal Quays Marina Newcastle

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    Bold, Bright and Bespoke! A Daring Look for Royal Quays Marina Newcastle Thanks to Versital Shower Panels

    Versital has been specified for new washrooms to be used by boat owners and their crew at Royal Quays Marina on the River Tyne at North Shields. Versital supplied bespoke stone resin shower panels and splashbacks in bold and exciting colours for this striking waterside development. (more…)

  2. Video – Easy Access Bathroom Remodel

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    Easy Access Bathroom: Beautiful Bathroom Refurb

    One of our long standing clients, bathroom designer and installer Langley Interiors based in the North West, recently completed this beautiful and practical bathroom transformation.

    Disability Bathroom : Safe and stylish!

    The clients father in ailing health needed their bathroom to be easy access and safe to use. The designer took this into account when creating a large walk in style shower complete with grab bars.

    Versital Shower Panels

    The bathroom was finished in Versital throughout, including Versital shower panels on the walls outside as well as inside the shower area. As well as looking beautiful, they are easy to clean and mantain.

    Bespoke Shower Tray For Large Easy Access Shower

    The designer chose to use a large bespoke shower tray to create a large wet room style shower tray that was easy to access and created a very level walk through.

    Built in Shower Seat

    Versital was used to create a safe and stylish built in shower seat that was not only safe to use, but also looks fabulous.

    Stylish Disability Bathroom Transformation Video

    The full project was followed from start to finish – you won’t believe the before pictures! See the full video below.


    For advice on how to use Versital in an easy access bathroom or disability bathroom contact us direct on 01204380780. You can also request a quote from the team today.


  3. Shower Panels vs Tiles

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    The Full Guide to Panels vs Tiles In The Bathroom

    When designing and installing a new bathroom, the first thought used to be ceramic tiles.

    However, things are changing when it comes to bathrooms and the availability of different products, and shower panels are fast becoming the way to go.


    Ceramic tiles are the traditional way to waterproof and finish a bathroom. However, the main problem with tiled bathrooms is the leaks that are caused mainly by poor grouting. Although a leak may be apparent, they are often very difficult to locate.

    Waterproof Board

    One type of board on the market are laminated boards with MDF or Polyfoam backing or core. They come in standard sheet sizes, usually 2400 x 1200. They are a waterproof solution for shower areas. However, problems can happen if water penetrates the waterproof laminated surfaces and causes the backing to swell or ‘blow’ with water damage. They are also limited when it comes to sizes, with only standard sizes available and limited colour choice.

    Black and white double shower with seatsStone Resin Shower Panels From Versital

    Another type of waterproof panel that is growing in popularity across the market are stone resin shower panels from the likes of Versital. Stain resistant, easy to fit and beautiful high quality finishes.

    Get a Quote For Stone Resin Shower Panels

    High Quality Shower Panels

    Unlike other shower panels, stone resin shower panels are totally solid with no backing board to cause issues, and 100% waterproof.

    No Grouting

    Like all panels, the major benefit with stone resin shower panels from Versital is the total lack of grouting. Instead of grouting simply seal joins with sanitary grade silicone.

    Luxury wetroom style bathroom with walk in shower and top mounted sink.

    Made to Your Preferred Sizes To Fit

    Stone resin shower panels from Versital are manufactured to preferred sizes anywhere up to 3 meters long and as small as half a meter! You are not limited to standard sizes that won’t necessarily fit your bathroom. With so many size options available, you can use the panels wherever you want in the bathroom, not just the shower area. You can also cut the panels with ordinary working tools for a perfect fit.

    Over a 100 Colour Options to Emulate Real Marble and Granite

    Versital has the largest range of panel colour choice on the market, with over 100 colours available in true to life marble and granites, as well as high gloss sparkle options.

    Traditional granite style bathroom in warm brown stone.

    For more information on stone resin shower panels, to get a personalised quotation or place an order please call Versital on 01204 380780 or email sales@versital.co.uk.


  4. Bathroom Inspiration: Greys and Neutrals

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    This year has seen the rise in popularity of grey and neutral colour palettes in the bathroom.

    Calming and serene, they are a fantastic base palette that you can update in years to come. They also look fabulous on their own. We take a look at some of our favourite grey and neutral bathroom inspiration ideas.

    Granite ‘Gritstone’ Shower and Bathroom Design

    This granite style bathroom keeps the interest with a fabulous marbled granite finish ‘Gritstone’. The colour keeps the bathroom feeling calm and is a fantastic base for other colours. This hand-made finish option from Versital is a fantastic alternative to a natural product, with it being waterproof and stain resistant. Being hand made it keeps the random feel of the pattern you would find in nature.

    Grey granite style shower bathrooms - luxury solid surface and panels.

    Granite Style Wetroom – Mix of Dark and Light Grey

    This Wetroom bathroom is very clean and modern feeling. Mix different tones of grey to give the bathroom a feeling of depth. The neutral colour palette is a great base to add bright accessories such as towels. Unlike natural granite, imitation granite from Versital will not stain or watermark.

    Wetroom style shower in grey granite - granite look shower tray and panels

    Double seated steamroom in grey granite with black accents.

    Marble Style Shower Wetroom Bathroom Inspiration

    This bathroom Wetroom uses light and bright marble ‘Arabesque’ with a white base and black veining which emulates Carrara marble. A classic marble look that won’t date. Other marble finishes are available in over 40 different colour options.

    Designer look bathroom in white marble - marble panels, marble shower tray and marble vanity top.

    Silver and Grey Bling Bathroom!

    If you like neutrals but still want a bit of bling, these bathroom ideas are the perfect compromise! Gorgeous grey and silver sparkles in ‘Just Silver’, ‘Hi Ho’ and accent colour the black ‘Noire Reflect’. The high gloss keeps the sparkle fresh years after installation.

    Bathroom inspiration - Beautiful master bathroom with a striking feature shower area using a made to measure shower tray in grey sparkle

    Bathroom inspiration : Sparkly shower room using shower panels, floor and shower tray in Just Silver from Versital

    For help and advice creating your Versital bathroom design please call or email us direct on 01204380780. You can order samples online, or speak to us for assistance. Take a look at the full website for more bathroom design ideas.

  5. How to Create the Ultimate Bathroom Wetroom

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    Want to know how to create the ultimate bathroom wetroom but worried about costs and possible complications? Relax and take a look at our guide – it’s not as hard as you might think.

    Shower flooring – Bespoke shower trays

    Save on the mess and trouble of tiling and waterproofing a wetroom floor by choosing a custom made shower tray which covers the shower area. Versital bespoke shower trays are made to the exact shape and size of the area you require, and can even have the colour and waste position specified.

    Custom floor slabs from Versital in the matching finish can be ordered for the rest of the bathroom floor to keep the sleek wetroom look.

    Beautiful master bathroom with a striking feature shower area using a made to measure shower tray in grey sparkle

    Wet Room Walls – Shower Panels

    Bespoke shower tray, shower seat and panels in brown granite finish.In a wetroom it is essential that the walls are 100% waterproof. To save on messy waterproofing and fiddly tiles with unattractive grouting, choose shower panels that are made to measure to the size that you need.

    Versital offer made to measure shower panels in a huge range of different marble, granite and sparkle colour options. Simply measure the size of panels you need, choose your colour and order.

    Make sure you panel right to the ceiling if you plan on hosing down the whole bathroom when cleaning to save on water ingress.

    Unlike natural stone tiles need to be resealed regularly (quite a big job when all your walls are covered), Versital does not need to be resealed and will remain waterproof for its lifetime.

    Keep Water Contained

    It’s always a good idea to raise the lip of your bathroom threshold by 5mm. This will ensure that water is contained for longer within your bathroom in the event that the shower drain becomes blocked or runs

    Underfloor Heating

    Underfloor heating is a great option in a bathroom wetroom to dry out the wet areas quickly.

    Versital bespoke shower trays and slabs are totally compatible with underfloor heating. It has the benefit of being completely invisible with no external radiator and heating appliance to clutter up the room.

    Simple Shower Screen

    Designer look bathroom in white marble - marble panels, marble shower tray and marble vanity top.You may wish to consider adding a simple wetroom shower screen to ensure you keep other areas of the bathroom dry. There’s nothing worse than a damp toilet seat and towel for the next user!

    Although this means your bathroom won’t be 100% open plan, a simple shower screen won’t spoil the look of the shower area, as it will be completely see-through. Our clients recommend brands Aqata and Kermi.

    For more help on creating the ultimate bathroom wetroom, ordering shower panels, floor slabs or bespoke shower trays, please call us direct on 01204 380780. Alternatively please send us a contact form.