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Tag Archive: solid surface supplier

  1. What is fracking and Why Is It So Controversial?

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    Shale rock as used in a process called frackingWhat is fracking and Why Is It So Controversial?

    The government has given the green light to allow fracking to take place in the UK. This technique used to recover gas and oil from shale rock has a lot of controversy surrounding it. But it could also give the construction industry a welcome boost. (more…)

  2. Increase Your sales by Improving Your Washrooms

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    Washroom symbolPoor Washrooms Mean Poor Business

    It is quite clear that washrooms are not seen as simply a functional neutral space you just ‘Pop’ in.  The way washrooms are perceived affects how the employees evaluate their organisation, and how the customer sees the service provider. (more…)

  3. Easy to Use Website – Solid Surface Supplier To The Trade

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    Brown marble bar top with white panels on the front.NEW! Website update – easy to use commercial/trade site

    Solid Surface Supplier To The Trade.

    Versital has long been established as a solid surface supplier to the trade. There have been lots of new product offering from Versital for commercial and trade customers over the past year, and the website needed a facelift to make sure they are easy to find and information is easily accessible. (more…)