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  1. Problem Wetrooms? Versital has the Solution


    Grey granite wetroom shower area.Why Choose a Wetroom?

    Wetrooms look fantastic and are the perfect modern addition to any home. They are practical for children and adults, as well as those who are less mobile.

    Senior Designer  Peter Langley of Langley Interiors says,

    “A wetroom can help to increase the value of your home. Estate agents recently reported that a wetroom can create a premium of up to £10,000.”

    Size Is No Object

    A wetroom is a perfect addition to the home whatever the size of the room. In fact – in small bathroom it can be the best solution to make use of a small space. Choose a bespoke shower tray in a small area to create your Wetroom look.

    Grey granite wetroom shower area.

    Wetroom shown built using Versital panels in ‘Graphite’, bespoke shower tray and shower seat.

    Make A Wetroom Watertight

    “The most common issue with problem Wetrooms is making sure they are completely watertight. If you don’t take care at installation, you could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to your home”.

    Gemma Stockberger – Versital.

    All Versital products are 100% waterproof, including shower panels and shower trays to create a complete Wetroom look.

    Made To Measure Shower Tray

    Unlike tanking which is notoriously difficult to get right, Versital made to measure shower trays offer a solution to problem Wetrooms. They are 100% waterproof and tested to category 2 anti slip standards – perfect for a wet area! This negates the need for tricky tanking and can save money in the long term. Made to exact shape and size you require for a bespoke Wetroom.

    Wetroom style bathroom with shower, sink and seat.

    Wetroom bathroom designed using Versital panels, made to measure shower tray, shower seat and vanity top in ‘Sandstone’.

    100% Waterproof High Quality Shower Panels

    Get rid of unsightly grouting by using high quality shower wall panels. Being 100% waterproof this makes installing a Wetroom easy and protects against future potential problems.

    Avoid Splashes

    Any Wetroom area under 6m2 should have a screen to separate the showering area from the rest of the sanitary ware and prevent it becoming soaked. There are lots to choose from on the market, including screens from Aqata. A single glass panel or open sided enclosures are good options.

    Marble, Granite and Stone Colour Options

    Versital offer a full range of finishes including marble, granite and stone with matching shower panels,  shower trays and vanity tops to complete your Wetroom look. You can have shower panels in a matching finish to your shower tray for a flawless Wetroom look.

    For more advice on building and avoiding problem wetrooms please call us direct on 01204380780. You can visit your nearest bathroom distributor or buy direct at the Versital online store.

  2. How To Make A Template For A Bespoke Shower Tray

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    How to make a template for a bespoke shower trayBespoke shower trays: How to make a template for a made to measure shower tray.

    One of our most popular products is made to measure shower trays. Bespoke shower trays offer an ideal solution for issues with leaking wetrooms and large showering areas.
    They can also be made to exact dimensions and shapes, making them perfect for odd shaped area or obsolete shower tray sizes.

    Get a quote NOW! For a bespoke shower tray quotation, please fill in this short application form. A member of the team will contact you shortly. For help please call Versital direct on 01204380780.


    We now also offer bespoke shower trays up to 2.5 meters square, giving you lots of options for large shower areas, public washrooms and wetrooms.

    Odd shaped shower tray - made to measure. White shower tray with 6 sides.

    Step By Step To Creating A Template

    If you wish to have a shower tray made to a precise shape or size, a template is usually the best way to ensure a perfect fit for the bathroom. Follow this step by step guide to help you create the perfect bespoke shower tray for your bathroom area.

    Tools required:

    Maker pen
    Tape measure
    Heavy cardboard/hardwood

    Important Tips Before You Start

    A few important tips before we start. It is important to make the template from heavy cardboard or hardboard. It is also important to note that the template should be full sized and 100% accurate to the shower tray you want to receive back.

    1. Measure

    Measure out all dimensions of the item and draw the template onto the card using pencil.

    2. Check- Measure!

    Double check your measurements! Remember the phrase ‘Measure twice cut once’. Once you are happy with the dimensions and shape, cut the template out.

    3. Place Template In Location

    Double check in the required position. i.e. place the template into the position of the new bespoke shower tray and check it is correct. If not make another one!

    4. Mark Important Information

    Mark on the template as much information as possible, e.g. Seen edges, wall, shower waste positions, any cut-outs. Use a marker pen to ensure the information is seen clearly.

    5. Post to us and wait for your new made to measure shower tray!

    Versital also offers matching vanity tops and shower panels to complete your bathroom. If you need more help and advice with how to create an accurate template or a bespoke shower tray, or other bathroom products such as vanity tops, please call us direct on 01204380780.