Wide choice of true to life marble and granite finish options, as well as high gloss black sparkle’s.

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Natural Looking Marble and Granite Finishes (and fabulous sparkles!)

Versital offer a range of natural looking marble and granite finishes, as well as an exclusive range of fabulous sparkle surfaces called ‘Reflect’ and our newest addition metallic marble.

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    Noire Reflect

    A rich highly pigmented black with high gloss silver sparkle. Multi faceted layers of sparkle.

    Popular for commercial applications, bathrooms and washroom vanities.

    ‘Noire Reflect’ is part of the unique Reflect range of high pigment high sparkle surfaces.

    Range of finishes developed by and exclusive to Versital.

    Works brilliantly combined with Just Silver and Arabesque.

    Not recommended for high traffic surfaces – darker pigments inherently show up marks more readily.

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