Bar Inspiration – Classic Marble Bar Tops Make A Comeback

White marble with black veining - 'Carrara' marble. Re-create with Versital 'Arabesque'.Trend Towards Classic Marble Bar Tops

Marble has been a popular bar top finish for decades, a classic look to use in traditional restaurant bars, as well as up market wine bars and eateries.  Over the last 12 months we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of marble bar top looks. 

Classic Bar Top Finishes That Won’t Date

The most popular marble finish we are asked to match is ‘Carrara’ marble – a rich white marble with a striking black vein and fabulous depth of colour. It has a classic feel and complements a wide range of colour schemes. Our marble finish ‘Arabesque’ is a great option and looks so similar to real ‘Carrara’ marble people often can’t tell the difference!

Great option to choose to emulate 'Carrara' marble.  Looks great and 100% waterproof.

Rich Opulent Colours

We love this fantastic marble bar design we found on Pinterest – the rich white marble has an elegant timeless feel. We are often approached to create looks like this one. Re-create this look using ‘Arabesque’ from Versital.

White marble with black veining - 'Carrara' marble. Re-create with Versital 'Arabesque'.

Non Porous Marble Mar Tops

The only drawback with natural marble in a bar and restaurant situation, is its’ natural porosity.  With Versital’s Marble finishes such as ‘Arabesque’, there is all the look of natural marble, but they are 100% non porous and stain resistant.

Colour Consistency

Unlike natural marble, where colour consistency can be difficult due to influences in nature and location of mining, Versital cultured marble is handmade and engineered. Versital cultured marble is designed to be consistent, no matter on the volume you order. The finish will be the same even if you order different batches at different times.

Easy to Install and Made to Specification

Versital marble bar tops are simple to install and require no masonry tools. Simply use ordinary wood working tools to cut and scribe the marble bar tops, drill into, screw into and so on. Bar tops are manufactured to specification ready to install.

To find out more about Versital marble bar tops, take a look at some of our past commercial applications, or call us direct on 01204380780 for more information or a personalised quotation.

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