Environment & CSR

Versital’s Core Objectives for a Greener Future

  1. We are currently working towards accreditation to the ISO 14001 standard within our business directly associated with Environmental objectives of our products and operations.
  2. Our aim is to reduce our business energy consumption year on year
  3. We are increasing our levels of waste recycling and aiming to produce less waste during the manufacturing process
  4. We are taking steps to reduce any harmful emissions caused by the whole of the business activity

Our Vehicles and Transport

  • All Versital products are manufactured in the UK and have a very low carbon footprint, with the majority of clients based in the UK.
  • 50% of our company fleet are full EV’s.
  • The remainder are either hybrid or will be replaced with hybrid/electric vehicles at EOL.
  • We offer an EV charging point at our building for use by staff and visitors.
  • Our main Carrier Speed have extremely good environmental credentials and are also committed to sustainability and CSR. They are working with Redshaw Advisors (redshawadvisors.com) on their operational carbon neutrality and working towards Net Zero.

Our Products

  • Every product is bespoke and made to order with very little wastage.
  • Versital has partnered with SteriTouch, an anti-bacterial additive which is incorporated in our products as part of the production process of all of our products.
  • EOL: Versital products can be recycled at the End Of Life. Solid surfaces can be pulverised and in some cases re used in future manufacture.
  • The first option for recycling EOL Versital is to take to the local licenced recycling centre. However if you are unable to use this Versital can arrange collection of your items

Our Declaration on Waste

  • We separate our waste to minimise anything we send to landfill
  • We re-use wooden pallets where-ever possible
  • All metal waste is separated and sent for recycling. Last year we sent 28 tonnes of metal waste to be turned into new useful objects.
  • We recycle paper and cardboard waste and re-use where possible
  • We have a “reuse and repair” culture with our machinery and tools
  • We keep printed brochures and information sheets to a minimum. All of our literature is available on PDF’s through our website. We reduced our printing costs by 60% last year
  • Wherever possible we use cardboard manufactured from recycled sources. We keep the use of shrink wrap to a minimum.
  • We offer a proactive sample take-back service and will recycle and samples returned to us in new products or for new clients.