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About Versital

Beautiful and practical surfaces.

Perfect for luxury bathrooms and commercial installations; Imitation Marble, granite and sparkle finishes.

Versital is a hand made solid surface material, and also known as ‘cultured marble’ or ‘imitation marble’.  Each piece of Versital is manufactured to order from stone resin allowing clients to specify exact sizes where required.

Hard Wearing, Waterproof, Non porous and Hygienic

Versital surfaces are extremely hard wearing and thanks to the protective gel top coat make it 100% water proof, nonporous, hygienic and easy to clean.

Easy to Care for and Stain Resistant

Unlike tiles Versital needs no grouting, is 100% non porous and extremely stain resistant. The surface is easy to clean, very hygienic and keeps a bathroom looking as good as the day when it was installed. Versital surfaces do not water mark or suffer from limescale.

Huge Range of Natural Looking Marbles, Granites and Sparkle Finishes

Versital offer a range of natural look marble and granite finishes that emulate the natural material perfectly. Unlike natural granite and marble that can stain over time, Versital imitation marble will not suffer from these problems.

Bathroom Products

Versital has a range of products that are ideal for creating a high quality professional bathroom installation. Standard and bespoke shower trays, shower panels, work tops and vanity tops.

Hospitality Applications

Versital is ideal for commercial installations, including public washrooms, bar and restaurants and other public areas. As an installer or specifier, you can order the precise shapes and sizes you need in natural look finishes that have the benefit of being waterproof and colour consistent.

“It looks fabulous, the bathrooms are lovely and it all works very very well. I can’t say anything more – we’re thrilled!”
– Mrs Palmer, Home owner