Marble Light Pendants Specified for Wetherspoon’s Refurb

Bar area with blue seats and marble lightingJ D Wetherspoon have chosen Versital marble lighting pendants as the new addition to their bars for a high quality and cost affective look.

At Versital we offer a range of marble and granite products for commercial and domestic installations. The most popular use of Versital has been its marble bathroom surfaces. However, these marble light pendant’s might yet take over!

J D Wetherspoons Refurbishments

Versital were recently commissioned by J D Wetherspoon to design and manufacture these fabulous marble light pendants. Versital marble finishes look as good as the natural marble, but are a lot lighter and cost effective.  This makes them ideal for creating bespoke products such as these marble light pendants.

Bar area with blue seats and marble lighting

So far they have been installed in one Wetherspoon’s pub and are due to go into one of the flagship pubs at Euston train station next month.

Translucent Marble Finishes

Versital offer a range of marble finishes, including a selection that are translucent. These marble finishes are ideal as used here for marble light pendants, or as bar front panels where they can be back lit.

Cultured Marble

Being a man made marble allows the colour and marble veining to be created to suit the project. They have also been tested and engineered to be strong and durable.

“Versital marble finishes are ideal for products like these fabulous marble lighting pendants due to their natural looking finish and translucent option. They are a lot lighter than natural marble and easier to work with – for installation they can be drilled on site using ordinary wood working tools. Because it is a man-made finish the colour will remain consistent across multiple projects. This is ideal for a high profile company with numerous outlets such as Wetherspoon’s where they need to maintain a brand image”.

Gemma Stockberger – Versital

Versital marble light pendants are available in a range of sizes. Bespoke options are available on request. For commercial enquiries on marble light pendants or other marble products please call or email us for a personalised quotation on 01204380780.