Four Eye-Catching Design Trends For Hospitality Venues

If you’re redesigning the communal spaces in a restaurant, hotel or the like, then you’ll need to be up to date with the latest design trends for hospitality venues. Working the latest trends into your designs will not only wow your clients, but will also ensure that the visitors are asking about the people that put the interiors together. Thankfully, we’ve got a handle on all the latest trends so that you don’t have to.


Big and bold design is back in a big way. Subtle colours and hide-behind walls have been abandoned across the hospitality industry, and we’ve seen a marked rise in the demand for highly detailed, eye-catching designs. Take Feya, who combined Gold Stratos marble with busy walls and archways to create intrigue and interest across every wall of the bar and restaurant – even combining built structures with real foliage for maximum impact.

design trends for hospitality

Biophilic Design

After what is now nearly two years where we’ve seen more of our own walls than anything else, we’ve seen a real return of designs inspired by flowers and nature. At The Ivy, in Manchester, geometric flowers across the furniture are coupled with walls featuring all manner of birds, all united with a distinct Asian style which reflects the cuisine available. Biophilic design has always been popular, but it would be foolish not to note the return of this design trend for hospitality venues.

design trends for hospitality


At Versital, we know all about marble, and we were delighted to provide the marble used to decorate the most luxurious nail salon in the world, the townhouse at Harrods. The townhouse is decked out in Autumn Onyx, which features burnt orange veins running through cream marble, and was completely custom supplied by Versital.

Harrods Town House Nail Salon

Equally stunning is the Busy Carrata marble designed for The Red Lion in Oxford, which helped us – in collaboration with JMDA and BOBO1325 – to transform a country pub into a modern, sleek bar. The marble was also perfectly suitable for the washrooms, as it is durable & easy to clean, as well as being protected by SteriTouch anti-bacterial technology.

design trends for hospitality

Intricate & Edge Details

With the return of maximalism, it will be no surprise to you that intricate edges are another one of the returning design trends for hospitality this year. In times where design has favoured minimal looks, edges are often left bland-  but they are a superb opportunity to add flourishes and flair. Darley’s in Derby did just that, and they took advantage of the custom cut that Versital is able to offer to achieve stunning edges across their vanity tops. Quite simply, there are no barriers to creativity when you work with Versital.

design trends for hospitality

At Versital, we know what’s on-trend, because we are being asked to produce by top designers working on top projects – and we are able to work with you on your next project as well. Get a quick quote on our website or get in touch with our expert team on 01204 380780 today.