Designing Bespoke Marble In Exciting Collaboration

In any hospitality venue, the bar should be the centrepiece. It is the place where your customers spend the most time, and if you can make the walk to the bar an enjoyable experience, then you’ll have people staying longer and spending more. Bar design is one of the ways that you can make that walk better – by giving it a show stopping destination. You can also change the feel of your venue; the Red Lion in Oxford has gone from a country pub to a modern bar and restaurant by redesigning the interior.

Busy Carrata bar top designed exclusively by Versital


Again, we collaborated with JMDA Design to create the bespoke look for the Red Lion. Versital was on hand to advise the designers and supply custom made bar tops, washroom vanity tops and meet and greet counters. By being involved in so many areas of the project, the look and feel of the venue was consistent throughout the redesign.

We were also delighted to be working alongside Bobo 1325, whose original artwork in fabrics and wallpaper really complements our surfaces for unique interiors.

Our Marketing Director, Gemma Stockberger, said,

“We came across Beth from Bobo whilst working on a number of hospitality projects in the Northwest. We have a lot in common in our outlook on business and design. We love nothing more than to champion independent British creative businesses. It’s such a pleasure when we get together on the same project”.


It is not only the design which was unique to the venue – the marble “Busy Carrata” was actually created in collaboration with JMDA especially for this project. It was so well received that it has now become a part of the permanent collection.

On this, our MD Debra Langley said 

“It is always very exciting when a JMDA project crosses our desk. We know that they understand how to make the most of Versital to get the right result. We collaborated with them to create a custom marble finish ‘Busy Carrata’ which is simply stunning. So nice we simply had to add it to our marble collection.”

If Busy Carrata has given you inspiration for your bar design, then you can talk to us directly and we can supply this unique cultured marble to fit your project. We can work with any design team that you may already have in place to ensure that your vision is realised. 

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