Unique Glittering Curved Bars Are Proving a Hit!

Glittering Curved Bars

Peter Langley at Langley Interiors used Versital for his latest design and delighted his customer with this unique and fabulous bar installation.  Glamour was the name of the game and Versital definitely did not disappoint! Coming up something as unique as curved bars, will ensure you stand out from the crowd and have something completely different to what is typically on offer.

Adding a unique touch of glitter to curved bar, adding ultimate opulence to the bar installation.

The finishes chosen in this instance were ‘Glacier Pearl’ for the bar top and ‘Noire Reflect‘ for the curved front bar panel. The design is simple with curved lines and curved bar top.

If you are wanting to add a touch of glamour and luxury to your home then the addition of marble touches from Versital will be perfect for what you need. Offering bar tops, bespoke shower trays and shower panels. Made to measure so they fit perfectly to where you need them. With over 90 colours available, you will be able to create the perfect luxury home.

“Each customer and installation is unique and this one was no exception. My client was in the process and designing a brand new home and wanted to really push the ‘wow’ factor. Versital and the ‘Reflect’ range really allows me to give the customer exactly that.”

I always choose to use Versital with these kind of designs as I know I never have to worry about whether it will be possible to create the look I want. It is also much more cost effective than other branded solid surfaces for designs such as this, as it is a moulded product as appose to fabricated. Therefore I am only paying for the material I use, not for the extra that would be used it fabrication and simply thrown away.”

-Peter Langley, Langley Interiors

Easy To Maintain

Not only does the customer benefit from the beautiful aesthetics of Versital marble, it of course comes with all the benefits you’d expect from our marbles. Versital is extremely hygienic offering the anti-bacterial protection of SteriTouch, as well as being waterproof and easy to clean.


As well as manufacturing to design specification we are also on hand to offer advice to designers to help create the vision they have whilst being a practical real-world solution. We often have designers who approach us with a brief and initial design who may need advice making it work in practice.
We were able to offer our expertise in creating a beautiful custom drop edge detail. It really helps to work alongside experienced designers.
Our aim is to take the stress away from the designer and end client and work alongside other trades to get a good end result.
As well as being a beautiful marble finish it offers the benefits of being extremely hygienic, easy to clean and non-porous so will not stain

Gemma Stockberger, Director

For more information on this project or others like it, or how Versital can work for you have a look at the Hospitality section. Alternatively, please call us on 01204380780.