Step Back In Time In This Retro Bar

Let this retro bar take you back in time. With funky features inspired by retro classics complimented by luxury contemporary twists, this is the perfect venue to brighten your night.

Proudly based in York, it perfectly reflects the fun loving culture in the centre. Designed by the award winning team Studio Two, this is a bar to add to your must visit list.

Bora Bora red and pink retro inspired bar with pink marble table tops and bar

Bold Pink Marble Bars

To bring the bar to life the bold pink marble, Petra, was chosen for the bar tops. Adding a fun and bright tone to the retro bar.

The colour was specially created to be lit, to add a unique touch to the venue. Petra was the perfect option to add something unique and funky to the bar. With the high quality and longevity of the bar tops it ensures that they will stand the test of time.The bar tops are not only beautiful, they are extremely practical due to being non-porous, highly stain resistant and hygienic. Making them perfect for a hospitality project.

Bora Bora red and pink retro inspired bar with pink marble table tops and bar

Curved Features

Soft curved shapes within a bar are certainly an attractive feature. The bar has a cohesive look throughout with the curved elements being a focal point.

Studio Two chose to feature curved wall decor and matching poseur seats. They also added a unique element with a curved Versital drink shelf to match the main bar within the venue. The curved bar top was made to template and creates a different look and use to the bar top.

Bora Bora red and pink retro inspired bar with pink marble table tops and bar

Funky Mood Lighting

When we imagine a retro bar, we think of an abundance of funky LED lighting in unique colours that add dimension to the space. Bora Bora does not let us down when it comes to unique and fun light fixtures within the venue.

From a backlit bar top to unique red hues throughout the bar. The lighting within the bar creates a perfect sense of escapism from the moment you step inside.

Easy to Maintain

Not only does Bora Boar benefit from the beautiful aesthetics of Versital marble, it of course comes with all the benefits you’d expect from our marbles. Versital is extremely hygienic offering the anti-bacterial protection of SteriTouch, as well as being waterproof and easy to clean.

Working in Partnership with Designers

As well as manufacturing to design specification we are also on hand to offer advice to designers to help create the vision they have whilst being a practical real-world solution. We often have designers who approach us with a brief and initial design who may need advice making it work in practice.

Our aim is to take the stress away from the designer and end client and work alongside other trades to get a good end result.

As well as being a beautiful marble finish it offers the benefits of being extremely hygienic, easy to clean and non-porous so will not stain

Gemma Stockberger, Director

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