The Dukes’ Head – Dark and Daring Pub and Restaurant

The Newest Bar Design Project from Premium Hospitality Designers – JMDA

Located in the beautiful town of Crawley, The Dukes’ Head premium country pub and restaurant is renowned for its atmosphere and inviting ambiance. The venue is a great go to for customers all year round.

The venue features brand new design from the premium hospitality design group JMDA. The venue is an edgy, modern take on a warm homely interior. The group decided to blend together a range of styles and create an interesting and daring experience.

Varied Ambience for Different Occasions

The designers took into consideration the varied clients visiting the venue. They designed different areas within the venue with different styles to appeal to different users. The venue is  perfect for everything from celebratory drinks and business nights out, as well as family dinners and casual drinks.

Modern Entry Hall

Separate dining areas for private parties are also available. The design is brought together by the soft textures of the upholstery, as well as contrasting metal and tiled elements.

Strong Colour Palette

JMDA created a homely, warm feeling by using striking colours like indigo, blue and purple and contrasting them with vibrant mustard’s. They also featured a large marble bar top look from Versital in one of the newly released ‘Inspired by Pantone’ collection finishes.

The private dining

Bespoke pieces of furniture like the stunning cog-wheel styled were incorporated for a real feeling of individuality and luxury. The design seamlessly incorporates trendy metallic elements alongside contrasting indigo blue tiles and furnishings.

Marble Bar Tops from Brand New ‘Inspired by Pantone’ Collection

The made to measure marble bar top featured in the venue is made to order by Versital to the exact specifications of the designer – right down to the drop edge detail. The designers selected a double veined brown from the new ‘Inspired by Pantone’ collection. The marble styled bar top is a perfect addition venue, giving it an interesting twist on a classic finish, and balancing the colour palette.

The Dukes head bar top

The ‘Inspired by Pantone’ collection from Versital has proven a hot with hospitality designers.JMDA interior design have used a variety of finishes across their recent projects.

“We are extremely proud to provide JMDA with made to measure bar tops for their projects. We could not imagine our products in better settings – their designs really show Versital at it’s best. At the end of the day, Versital can only look as good as the designer who uses it and JMDA continue to make us look fantastic.”

Gemma Stockberger – Sales and Marketing Director at Versital

Cog Wheel Styled Table Tops

Beautiful Looks, Amazing Properties

Versital bar tops not only look stunning, they are also one of the best performing surfaces in the industry. Unlike real marble Versital surfaces do not stain or watermark making it the perfect alternative to real marble and stone. Versital incorporates a protective gel coat making them fully non porous and giving them a beautiful high gloss appearance.  Versital is a hand made product ensuring there is no pattern repetition, even on large pieces.

Beautiful Washrooms

No detail was left unnoticed at this venue, and particular attention was paid to the washrooms, where some venues lack.  Customer feedback has shown that they do pay particular attention to the design and quality of the washrooms, being a reflection of the venue as a whole.  The washrooms at the Dukes Head have been paid particular attention, with beautiful lighting, wallpaper and gorgeous marble vanity tops again courtesy of Versital. As well as looking beautiful they are 100% waterproof and stain proof making the immensely practical long term.

The Duke's Head-Crawley-LR-27

For more information on our marble bar tops or our ‘Inspired by Pantone’ Collection take a look at information guide. If you would like advice, samples or wish to place an order for a bar tops or table tops, please call us on 01204380780, or email us at