5 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Bathroom Designs

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a retreat for the body and mind to escape the day to day stress that we experience. It is becoming the place where we opt to spend our free time to unwind and decompress after a long day.

There is nothing better than relaxing in a lovely bath in a clean and relaxing space. With people increasingly prioritising the bathroom when re-decorating and levelling up their home, we have brought together 5 simple ways to elevate your bathroom specifications and designs.

From high end touches of marble for a real feel of luxury, to making sure that your wall finishes are the perfect shade. The versatility of bathrooms is rapidly growing as clients increasingly turn to the idea of creating a spa-like serenity at home.

1. Use Warm Tones

Warm toned neutrals have become the epitome of relaxation and elevation of style. Taking over spas and home interior design alike, a warm neutral tone can be the perfect scheme to opt for to create the perfect spa/bathroom.

Compliment the neutral tones by adding wonderful touches of metallic hardware, on your taps and fixtures. This will create a dramatic look with a contemporary touch. Opt for complimentary tones such as gold, brushed brass, chrome and copper.

Play around with fun textures and different warm toned neutrals to ensure that the space doesn’t look bland and instead brings the bathroom to life with different tones and shades. Don’t be afraid to add some dimension to your design.

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Be inspired by the luxury spa style at Townhouse, which has opted for beautiful luxury warm tones in all its venue’s. Using Versital’s exclusive classic finish, Autumn onyx marble, throughout the salons. It’s easy to see why they are award winning! You can create the same style and aesthetic in your bathroom design by opting for an Autumn Onyx vanity top, wall panels or even a bespoke shower tray to create a cohesive luxury look.

2. Effective and useful storage

High quality storage solutions that cater to day to day needs is the perfect way to elevate any bathroom. Making it the perfect practical space for you and maximising the space available.

Langley Interiors is the perfect example of a designer who really emphasises space design over everything else. Using high quality finishes for storage solutions that will withstand the wear and tear of day to day usage, whilst still looking like new.

Consider using carefully arranged under sink storage, or if you are tight on space why not add built in wall shelving . Some even opt to make the most of empty space with under the bath storage for smaller necessities.

Effectively curated storage solutions will elevate the usage of your bathroom whilst also making the users life easier.

3. Wall Panels over tiles

Tiles used to be the only real option for bathrooms. There are now lots of options available including custom bathroom panels making creating a luxury bathroom easier than ever.

With an easy to clean finish due to minimal joints and the use of silicone to adhere the panels to the wall instead of grout, it means you have the perfect hypoallergenic product for your bathroom space. Wall panels only need to be wiped down to keep them clean. They also keep their luxury glossy finish throughout their lifetime.

Versital offers hundreds of different colours for wall panels, allowing you to create the perfect tone and look for your bathroom. From classic marble finishes, to realistic granite options as well as bold sparkle finishes to match your colour scheme perfectly. Versital wall panels are also made to measure, allowing for them to fit the space perfectly without any overhang or annoying connection lines.

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4. High Quality Bath

The bath is once again becoming the focal point of the bathroom. Consider opting for a high quality and classic bath that will be a favourite place to lie back and relax. By getting investing in quality, it will stand the test of time and continue being a relaxing haven years to come.

Consider sectioning areas within the bathroom, by using colour and height to divide the bathroom into various sections of usage. Small details such as a ledge or small table by the bath are thoughtful additions for users to place candles, books and a drinks when using the bath.

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5. Luxury Matching Marble

Matching high quality pieces are very much sought after when creating a bathroom that will stand the test of time. Versital offers bespoke shower trays, vanity units and shower panels which can all be made in the same finishes for the option to match throughout. With a huge range of colours from unique sparkle finishes, lovely marble finishes and classic RAL finishes, there is plenty to choose from for any scheme or style.

Matching the key pieces in your bathroom will bring the design together so it looks clean and polished. Consider going for classic finishes that will withstand ever changing trends, and add accents of colour with accessories and smaller items such as towels and candles. These can be changed over time for a new feel or colour update.

By investing in high end and quality pieces, your client won’t need to make constant expensive changes to their bathroom. By having effective solutions to make life easier, from cleaning to storage and daily usage of the bathroom, the space will feel more elevated and be a space to be really be enjoyed and a worth while investment.

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