7 Reasons Why You Need A Bespoke Shower Tray

With home renovations on the rise, and people looking for the perfect luxury alternative to use in their homes it is only fitting that people are starting to look into whether a bespoke shower tray is the best choice for their bathroom.

Whilst being used in homes, designers are beginning to turn to bespoke shower trays during hotel and accommodation changes. With them being an effective and easy way to update bathrooms we can understand why designers are turning to this option.

The rising popularity of bespoke shower trays is raising the question of ‘why you should choose a bespoke shower tray over the other options available on the market?’ So, we compiled a list of the 7 key reasons why a bespoke shower tray may be the best option for you.

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1. Solves a key problem

Solving a problem is the number one reason as to why people opt for a bespoke finish instead of an off the shelf option. Many opt for a bespoke shower tray due to a failure in a wet room. As the tray can be made to the exact measurements of the failed wet room, it adds an element of ease and can effectively solve the issue of the wet room no longer being usable.

2. Unlimited design potential

These shower trays truly are bespoke in all elements, from being able to make the tray any shape or size, you can also choose from an endless variety of colours to truly spruce up your bathroom. The bespoke option enables you to create the perfect shape and size for your bathroom solution, meaning you can have exactly what you envision as your end result! As well as this, there are practically limitless colour way options. As we offer a huge range of colours and styles including; marbles, granite, reflect and metallic finishes as well as classic solid RAL colours. The options really are endless.

3. Waste position and more than one waste

With a bespoke shower tray you are able to place your waste wherever you need too, helping solve the problem of having pre-existing pipework already being laid down. You won’t need to move any pipework or try and re-position joist positions. Instead the tray can be made to accommodate the already existing pipework and will happily suit the joist positions that are already in place. Saving both time and money on trying to change the already existing layout in your bathroom.

Don’t worry about needing more than one standard waste fixture, with the bespoke option you can have multiple waste outlets placed on the tray where there are large volumes of water being used. Helping you have the best shower experience possible, by having a shower tray made to fit your needs perfectly.

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4. Unique shaping

By getting a bespoke shower tray you will be able to get a tray that can be shaped around already existing walls and cut corners. Therefore, you won’t need to change the space to fit a standard tray into. This allows for less building work to need to take place as the tray will fit into the already existing placement and won’t require the space to be changed for the tray. This also allows for you to maximize the already existing space, as you can have a tray that makes the most of the oddly placed corners.

5. Less downtime

Bespoke trays are an efficient option for large projects such as up scaling and renovating a hotel. Having less downtime during a large renovation means that the venue will not have to be shut for as long. As the old tray can be removed and the new tray can be easily and efficiently put in, it means that the room being changed may only be out of action for a couple of days at most. Helping keep the venue open, with as little inconvenience as possible.

Even though many believe that bespoke shower trays take a long time to make, the average lead time is typically around 4-6 weeks. This means you can have your new bathroom update quickly and efficiently. As well as this the Versital bespoke shower trays are all fully manufactured in Greater Manchester. This means we can get UK deliveries out quickly and efficiently.

6. Easy Access Showers

Bespoke shower trays can be made so that they cater to the needs of the user. One example of this is having an accessible and wheelchair friendly option for those who need that option. The tray can be made to ensure that the shower is accessible and convenient for the user.

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7. Custom anti-slip options

In the Versital range we offer two effective anti-slip options, those being a traditional slate affect as well as a highly anti-slip option which is ideal for hospitality venues. However, in circumstances where there are larger roll outs and the client requires something different to what we offer, there is the option of bespoke anti-slip finishes. This can help add a custom element to the tray.

Bespoke shower trays are surely making an impact in the showering scene. With many reasons to opt for this customizable, long-lasting and unique item. With all of the simplicity a bespoke shower tray offers it may be the most cost effective option when renovating a bathroom. It is worth seeing what a bespoke shower tray can do to improve your bathroom and life.

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