Classic Marble Bathroom Design Inspiration

White diamond shaped bath with large walk in shower with cream marble finish.Classic Marble Bathroom Designs Never Go Out Of Fashion

Home interior fashions seem to change on a yearly basis.  However, it is wise to choose a bathroom design that has traditional elements and finishes. A modern twist can be added with accessories.

Classic styles such as this marble bathroom design never go out of fashion.  Stick with a neutral colour palette and you have a recipe for a bathroom design that will stand the test of time.

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Marble Bathroom Design By Langley Interiors

This marble bathroom design by Langley Interiors features bathroom equipment from Villeroy and Boch. The diamond shaped bath is extremely comfortable to bath in, whilst looking fantastic.

Cream marble bathroom design with white diamond shaped bath. Panels in Botticino finish.

The walk in shower makes the most of the space available.  A made to measure shower tray from Versital is the best option as used to hear to get the largest shower area.  Panels in ‘Botticino’ marble from Versital has been used throughout to create this warm feel.  What’s more, Versital is warm to the touch, so no shock factor as winter comes in!

Large cream bathroom shower with seat and diamond shaped bath.

Dado Skirting Boards

Dado strips from Versital have been used as skirting and to finish the shower area off cleanly. Versital dado is a great value for money product, coming in 3 meter strips that can be cut and scribed on site.

Huge Range of Marble Finishes

Versital offers a large range of natural marble finishes in a range of hues and colours. Including blacks, whites, greys, reds, yellows and blues.

Versital is now available direct – visit the Online Store for FREE delivery direct to your home. For more marble bathroom design ideas contact Versital direct on 01204380780, or visit your nearest bathroom centre to help you design and install your Versital bathroom.