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Your Complete Shower Trays Guide

Our biggest selling product and the one we get the most questions about has to be our made to measure shower trays.  We have brought together the most frequently asked questions to help make buying a bespoke shower tray as simple as possible. If after reading the shower trays guide you still require more information give us a call on 01204 380 780.

What are Versital made to measure shower trays manufactured from?

Versital shower trays are manufactured from solid composite stone resin which is extremely strong and durable.  With a bespoke shower tray, an individual mould is manufactured to order, and the shower tray cast from it.

Versital offers an extensive color range of over 100 finishes including natural looking marble and granite finishes as well as more daring ones like the reflect range, ‘Inspired by Pantone’ or full RAL colour palette. The material is covered with protective gel coat ensuring that its fully water and stain proof as well as easy to clean.

Shower Tray in Pure White Solid Ral Finish (6)

How do I template for a bespoke shower tray?

If you need a bespoke shower tray for an odd shaped, it may be advisable to make a template to manufacture from. Follow this step by step guide for how to make a template for a made to measure shower tray. if you require any more assistance you can always give one of our shower trays specialists a call on 01204 380 780.

Stone Resin Grey Granite Bespoke Shower Tray from Versital

Are Versital shower trays anti-slip?

Yes, all Versital shower trays are category 2 anti-slip as certified by Satra, making them suitable for all domestic and commercial installations. Before ordering the tray we would always send a sample of the texture, so you can touch and feel it yourself. You can also opt out of the anti slip finish, however for safety purposes we would always advise against it.


Is it suitable for a Wetroom style shower?

Yes, Versital shower trays are ideal used instead of a wet room system, or wet room style shower. They do not require tanking and arrive ready to install, cutting down dramatically on installation time and costs. We work closely with the designers at Langley Interiors who use our shower trays in many of their bathroom projects. Our trays have also been featured in luxury hotels like the Andaz London.

Unlike tiles, Versital shower trays do not require grouting and therefore protect your bathroom from failing over time. If you require any more information on how to install one of our trays contact Versital or call direct on 01204 380 780.

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Wet Room in Mercury Granite Finish

Are Versital bespoke shower trays suitable for fixing problems with existing wet rooms that have leaked?

The number 1 reason people choose a bespoke shower tray from Versital, is to fix pre-existing problems created by wet rooms that have failed. A made to measure shower tray is often the most cost effective and easy way to fix these issues. You can order it precisely to the shape of your wet room, making it an easy solution to most common problems like leakages.

Can I specify the waste position, shape and style?

Yes, you can specify the waste position. The normal size we would recommend is a 90mm waste aperture as this is the British standard, but we can manufacture to your preferred requirements.

If you already have a waste set that you would like the tray manufactured to we would normally ask you to send it over so we can engineer the tray precisely to fit your preferred system. Otherwise we offer a top of the range DALLMER waste set that suits most standard British pipework.

Shower Tray from Versital Just Silver Sparkle Finish (2)

How much do bespoke shower trays cost?

Bespoke shower trays vary in cost but typically start from around £958 RRP + vat. For a personalised quotation please fill in the bespoke shower tray quotation form or give one of our sales assistants a call on 01204 380 780. If you require any colour samples you can order 3 free of charge on our website to see the colours for yourself.

Are Versital Shower trays waterproof?

Yes! Versital stone resin shower trays feature a protective gel coat which acts as a shield making them 100% waterproof and extremely stain resistant. The protective gel coating also ensures that your shower tray is very easy to clean, which is an added benefit, as none of us like spending hours scraping the grout in the shower.

Minima Shower Tray in Graphite Granite Finish

What colour options are available?

As well as traditional white and cream, we also offer a wide range of marble, granite, ‘Inspired by Pantone’, RAL and sparkle finishes for shower trays.

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What is the biggest shower tray available?

We offer bespoke shower trays up to 2.7 square meters. Please ask our sales team for more in depth information on 01204 380 780

Bespoke shower tray with 3 shower areas and waste outlets - built in one piece with no joins.

Can you make an odd shaped shower tray, as well as odd sizes?

Yes we can – with odd shaped shower trays we would normally recommend a template be supplied so it is 100% accurate. Find out how to make a bespoke shower tray template.

Are Versital shower trays manufactured in the UK?

Yes, all Versital shower tray and solid surfaces are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in the UK. Our factory is located in Bolton near Manchester and we manufacture all our products there.

Chrome look shower waste and finish set

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