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How To Choose The Correct Shower Tray; Stone Resin Shower Trays Vs Acrylic

Huge range of Shower Trays in Various Shapes, Sizes and Colours

There are lots of shower trays available on the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, finishes and materials. Here we give you a step by step guide to what is available to make the best of your bathroom.


This is the material used to make Belfast sinks or urinal slabs. The trays are of high quality, but are extremely heavy and more often used for commercial applications where frequent use and heavy wear is a requirement.

Ceramic trays can be hard to install, but are very durable and can last a long time. One of the main problems with ceramic trays is that they can easily chip if you drop anything heavy on them. 

Piatti Doccia Shower Tray by Cielo
Piatti Doccia Ceramic Shower Tray by Cielo


The same material as used for acrylic baths. Lightweight usually around 4.5mm thick and reinforced with wood. These do allow a greater flexibility, but with more flexibility comes a greater risk of breakage. Acrylic shower trays are mostly manufactured within standard sizes and with standard waste positions. You therefore cannot fit them into an odd shaped space what limits your possibilities especially in older buildings.

Acrylic shower trays are generally lighter than many of their counterparts, meaning that the installation can be easier, however they are rarely associated with high end designs. 

Acrylic Shower Tray by Ravak
Acrylic Shower Tray by Ravak


Fiberglass is cheaper alternative to acrylic, it has very similar properties, but is more brittle, meaning that its life time is also shorter. Fiberglass is a porous substance protected by a layer of waterproof paint, which over time can begin to wear off causing leaking as well as look dull and unattractive. 

Stone Resin Shower Trays

Stone resin shower trays are fast becoming the most popular choice. This is a mixture of natural minerals and a resin compound that give a fantastic compromise between the heavier ceramic/fireclay products, and the lightweight acrylic trays.  They offer a solid structure, are long- lasting, warm to the touch and are available in a huge range of finishes.  All Versital shower trays are stone resin shower trays.

bathroom design using Versital sandstone marble finish shower panels and bespoke shower tray

Buy Stone Resin Shower Trays Direct From Versital.

Choose the Correct Shape and Size

Shower trays come in a variety of different sizes and configurations. It’s very important when choosing your stone resin shower tray to take into account the plug hole positions, whether it is a left hand or right hand tray and so on. The most commonly found shapes available on the market today are rectangle, square, quadrant and neo angle. The neo angle shower tray is also known as the Penta or extended Penta by some brands.

Versital offer all of these shapes in a range of different size and colour options.  Have a look at the full range of Versital shower trays to choose the right shape for your new bathroom installation.

Marble, Granite, Stone and Sparkle Finishes

With Versital stone resin shower trays there is a wide range of fabulous looking finishes, all with category 2 anti slip bases. Choose from traditional granites like ‘Graphite’ or ‘Noire’, luxurious marbles such as ‘Royal Pavillion’ and for something really show stopping, push the boat out with a black sparkly ‘Noire Reflect’. Each colour is made using natural minerals and pigments, making it a stunning addition to any bathroom. Unlike real marble or granite Versital shower trays do not leak or watermark and will last looking as good as new for years after installation.

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Light marble shower with Geo navy blue and gold wall paper

Bespoke Shower  Trays

If your bathroom needs something more bespoke for an unusual shape or size, or just a perfect fit, you might want to look at a bespoke shower tray.  Bespoke shower trays are exactly what they say – fully bespoke and made to measure to suit whatever bathroom issues you might have. Whether you need to go round an odd shape, or just want something larger than usual.

Stone Resin Grey Granite Bespoke Shower Tray from Versital
Stone Resin Grey Granite Bespoke Shower Tray from Versital

Manufactured in One Piece

Unlike many similar projects on the market Versital shower trays are manufactured in one piece. That guarantees perfect continuity of pattern as well as fully waterproof properties. Each Versital tray has a protective gel coat making them fully stain and water proof.

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Andaz liverpool street London renovated bathroom using a versital bespoke shower tray

Easy to Care For

Solid stone resin shower trays from Versital require minimum amount of maintenance to keep looking like new. Unlike the real stone, Versital trays are manufactured with an antimicrobial, protective gel coat that prevents mould and bacteria from settling in. The easiest way to maintain them is to wipe them with a damp cloth.

Bespoke shower tray from Versital in white

How much is a bespoke Shower tray?

Bespoke shower trays vary in price depending on the overall size and shape, starting from £895 + vat.  Find out more of what goes into pricing a shower tray via our in depth guide.

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