How To Keep Your Bathroom Warm This Winter

Warm bathroom with double sink, bath and lighting.Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Warm

Follow our top 5 tips for how to keep your bathroom warm this winter.

We have all had the experience of stepping out of the shower into a cold bathroom on a crisp winter’s morning. Not the most pleasant of experiences! Here are our top tips for keeping your bathroom warm this winter.

Heated Towel Rails

Keep your bathroom warm and your towels toasty with a heated towel rail. These can be plumbed into the rest of your central heating. Alternatively, choose an electric radiator for warm towels even in the summer! Bisque have some fab designs.

Large grey granite bathroom with tv, panels and built in seat.

Fluff Up Your Towels

Tumble dry towels to fluff up the fibers.  Don’t forget the softener. As an alternative, you could try adding half a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle, or even dryer balls. No more ‘Weetabix’ style towels!

Under Floor Heating

For the ultimate in comfort for a warm bathroom, choose to have under floor heating. Make sure you choose a compatible bathroom floor such as Versital to ensure it works effectively. Versital bathroom surfaces and floor slabs are ideal used in conjunction with under floor heating to keep your bathroom warm.

Choose Bathroom Surfaces That Are Warm To The Touch

Traditional bathroom products such as tiles can be extremely cold, especially in the winter months. Choose solid surface products, such as Versital that are actually warm to the touch. Not only that, but they look fabulous and are hygienic and easy to clean. Perfect!

Large cream bathroom shower with seat and diamond shaped bath.

Warm Lighting

Lighting can make an enormous difference in any room. With bathrooms, where possible choose spotlights to give a warm glow and continue that warm feeling.  Why not add a couple of scented candles for when you really want to relax.

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