Unique Bathroom Design Idea with European Style Laundry

Unique Bathroom Design From Interior Designer in Manchester

This latest professional bathroom installation from Langley Interiors in Bolton near Manchester has some clever hidden design features you might not expect from your usual bathroom.

This custom bathroom design was brought to life using a range of made to measure Versital surfaces.

Continental Bathroom Design and Laundry

This bathroom client in Heaton, Bolton, wanted to have their laundry built into the master bathroom. This is a style very much favoured on the continent.

Black and white style bathroom featuring Versital resin shower panels, vanity top and bespoke shower tray

“In Europe in countries such as Spain and Germany, it is very common for homes to have their washing machine and dryer in the bathroom. It often saves time and effort moving clothes up and down stairs from the bedroom, to the washing machine and back again. It does make a lot of sense practically as well since the bathroom is already plumbed for water outlets.”

Peter Langley, Senior Bathroom Designer – Langley Interiors

Made to Order Resin Panels

This beautiful bathroom features a large walk in style shower with built in seats and even a waterproof TV for added luxury! The walls are clad in beautiful marble style resin shower panels from Versital in a finish similar to Carrara marble called ‘Arabesque’ No seams or grouting for a sleek finish and easy to keep clean.

Bespoke Built-In Cabinets

This custom made bathroom cabinet was manufactured by Langley Interiors to house the washer and dryer for a sleek and clean look to the bathroom.

Large double seated black and white shower - featuring stone resin shower panels and bespoke shower tray from Versital.

Bathroom Cabinet and Vanity Top

Any good bathroom installation needs storage and this hand built cabinet is sleek and modern with LED’s under lighting the unit for added style. The vanity top also by Versital in a black sparkle finish ‘Noire Reflect’ features an integral basin – easy to clean and totally waterproof.

White high gloss bathroom cabinet with black sparkle resin sink and vanity top from Versital

Designer white tapDesigner White Chrome Tap

For the finishing touch they added a gorgeous designer white tap from Hansgrohe which is part of the matching set with the shower head.

For more information on how to use Versital bathroom surfaces in your bathroom designs, including stone resin shower trays, resin shower panels and vanity tops call us on 01204380780, or send us a contact form.