Marble Alternative

Beautiful Marble Alternative Surfaces

Versital offer a wide range of marble alternative finishes for a variety of installation applications. Hand made faux marble surfaces in a large range of colours to replicate the most popular natural marble colours available.

Price Application

All Versital products are manufactured to order, therefore the cost of each project varies. For a personalised quote please send a marble substitute quote request.  Alternatively please call 01204380780 or send through a contact form.

Marble Table Tops

Matching marble table tops available – choose your preferred bespoke table size, or from our range of popular table size options. easy to clean, waterproof and stain resistant.

Marble Bar Tops

Realistic looking marble finish bar tops in a range of beautiful finishes.  100% waterproof and stain resistant.  Ready to install.  No need for masonry equipment. Very competitively priced against the real marble option.

View the Full Range of Marble Finish Colour Options. You Can Also Order Samples Free of Charge.

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Contact Versital direct on 01204380780 for all commercial enquires, or contact us below

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Featured & Benefits

100% Non Porous Marble Substitute

Unlike natural marble, Versital is 100% waterproof and stain resistant giving it a distinct advantage. Use Versital marble surfaces wherever you would normally use real marble for a beautiful natural looking finish with the added benefits of being easy to clean, waterproof and ideal for wet situations.

True to Life Marble Finishes

Versital marble substitute gives the option of true to life marble look surfaces, whilst remaining completely non-porous and stain resistant unlike the natural material. Design and install the look you want, without the problems.

View The Full Marble Colour Range

Colour Consistency

With natural marble there will always be variations in colour due to naturally occurring imperfections. Versital is a hand made product that has the appearance of natural marble, but without the uncertainty.

Manufactured to Your Specifications and Designs

Versital surfaces are made to order to your exact specifications or designs. We can manufacture from your technical diagrams where required, or to exact size requirements. This makes installation simple, and saves on wastage.

Cost Effective Marble

Being made to measure and to specifications makes Versital a cost effective option against natural marble.

Specifications & FAQ

Marble Finishes Made To Specification

Versital surfaces are manufactured to spec, either from given dimensions or technical diagrams provided to us.  We are happy to supply quotations from full technical drawings where requested. For more information on Versital substitute marble products, colour samples or a personalised quotation please contact us direct on 01204 380780.

Trade Customers, Designers and Specifiers

Versital deals direct with the trade, including architects, designers, specifiers, installers and sole traders.  Please contact us direct with your specific needs or to set up an account.

Easy To Install and Light Weight

Unlike natural marble, Versital substitute marble does not require specialist equipment or masonry tools. Being made to measure you may not need to cut it at all! Ordinary wood working tools are all you need to cut and finish Versital marble. It also has the added benefit of being lighter than natural marble, making it much easier to move, transport and install.

Versital Marble Product Options

Versital manufacture to spec a wide selection of hand made faux marble finishes. The more popular marble substitute products are detailed below, but please contact us if your needs are different.