Class 0 Fire Rating – The Highest Standard

Versital Has The Highest Available Fire Retardant Standard

All of Versital surfaces have acquired the highest available fire retardant standard of class 0, making them a safe choice for all commercial and domestic installations.

Versital Certified

Versital has been in manufacture for nearly 40 years, with a reputation for quality and attention to detail.  Versital surfaces have been put through rigorous fire tests by accredited external bodies. 

Class 0 Fire Rating

We are delighted to announce that Versital qualifies as Class 0 Fire Retardant, making it a suitable surface for all commercial and domestic applications.

rectangle table tops in arabesque marble finish

What is Class 0?

It is a classification that cannot be identified by any single British standard test. It is a combination of three different tests, that together ascertain the standard of a material. In order to acquire the classification, the surfaces have to be made of a material of limited combustibility and have a low fire propagation index measured by two different testing procedures.

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Why is it Important?

Using products that have a good fire rating helps to prevent tragedies and is the easiest way to ensure the safety and well being of all users. Many hospitality venues have the obligation to provide their clients with certain level of protection, and therefore only use products that comply with fire regulation standards to Class 0.

Is There a Higher Rating?

Class 0 is the highest standard of fire resistance. It means that products with such certification can be used even in areas such as evacuation routes. This allows designers enhanced  freedom of creation, while at the same time ensuring the safety of users.

Class 0 complies with three different indexes detailing the combustion of material and fire propagation. Using only materials that comply with such regulations gives piece of mind for you and your customers, as well as complying with regulations and safety laws where applicable.

Bar Top in Arabesque Marble Finish

Class 0 in the Hospitality Sector

When creating a public venue, designers and owners need to comply with numerous regulations to ensure the safety of their customers. This includes providing safe and accessible evacuation routes, as well as using products that slow or prevent the spread of fire.

Versital is proud to announce that all of their surfaces being Class 0 minimise the risk of a fire spread, and can therefore be used in any venue. This includes the most demanding of public and hospitality venue’s including hotels, cruise ships and planes.

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Class 0 and Domestic Applications

Versital surfaces are the perfect choice for domestic application. Due to their Class 0 rating they are the safe choice for any home. Whether you are looking to use Versital in your bathroom, or as as decorative surfaces for tops or wall panels, you can rest assured that the surface will be the safe choice.

Amoro restaurant Marble Bar Top in Arabesque

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