Classic Marble Bar Tops Still Popular

Marble Bars Are Still The tops!

Marble bar tops are showing resurgence in popularity as bar and restaurants look to refurbish their premises in a look that is modern, yet will stand the test of time.

There is no denying that the last few years have been challenging for everyone, especially in the service industry. However, things are really starting to look up; the Olympics next summer can only help but be a boost the economy!  With the influx of tourists and increased spending that the general populous is likely to commence, it really is a fantastic time to invest in the look and feel of premises to take advantage of the next 12 months.

A good way to improve the appearance of hotels, bars and restaurants relatively easily is by replacing or refurbishing the surfaces to the bar tops, counters and in the bathroom areas. These can make a real impact to the overall look and feel of an establishment.  Real marble has been an excellent choice for years, with a classic and timeless appeal. Recently there has been resurgence in the interest of these finishes, with designers wanting to create timeless looks that still have a modern edge.

Mable look Bar top at Yates’ wine lodge in Marble finish ‘Arabesque’.

However, often it can be a little daunting to choose a natural material due to the inherent problems it can bring.  Marble is a naturally porous material and can quickly become tired looking and watermarked. It is also susceptible to staining and requires specialist Masonry tools to cut.

This is where Versital has seen an increase in popularity.  With Versital you get the look of a natural marble material, with none of the problems the natural material brings with it.  The gel coat finish ensures that Versital does not watermark, is exceptionally stain resistant and can even come with Micro ban finishes as an option. Not only that, but cutting on site is a doddle with ordinary wood-working tools.

Marble bar top at Bryn Morfa Caravan park in ‘Wenge’.

Even better, with Versital marble look finishes, your bar top can even be refurbished and re-polished to look as good as new after a few years of use, expanding it’s lifespan.

Marble bar top edge details in ‘Genache’ and ‘Auntumn Onyx’.

So when wanting a Marble look finish for a bar top or washroom, why would you use anything else?! Call us direct for further information on T: 01204380780 or visit the commercial area for more information.