Glamorous and Hard Working Table Tops

Over the years our table tops have been used in many different projects. One of our favourites is this restaurant and bar located in the Caribbeans. For the owner one of the most important considerations were the humidity and salt in the air. The table tops also had to withstand different weather conditions and look the part.

It is essential to choose the right material for the location it will be used in. If a table is to be used outside, it is essential that the table tops are waterproof and resistant to the elements.

Ideal Table Tops for Outside

Versital table tops are the ideal choice to be used in outside areas, as they have been here on the gorgeous island of Antigua.This beautiful restaurant setting needed table tops that not only looked fabulous, but were also hard wearing and able to deal with outside conditions.

Waterproof Table Tops

Versital table tops are waterproof and solid throughout, making them ideal to deal with the elements including rain. They can also withstand more stringent conditions such as salt water.

True to Life Marble, Granite and Stone Colour options

There are over 90 different colour options to choose from including true to life marbles, granites and stones, as well as high gloss sparkle options. Versital is ideal to be used in place of the natural material, such as marble and granite which can be porous. Versital has all the look of the natural products, but being non porous has none of the problems. It is 100% waterproof, easy to clean and will not mark.

Glamorous Sparkle Table Tops

This fabulous restaurant on the Caribbean Island of Antigua chose to use Versital table tops in ‘Ice white’, a fabulous bright white finish with subtle sparkle. They opted for 3 bespoke size options totaling 30, to suite their own chosen table base. These were a mixture of different seating options from 4 up to 8 people per table. We can also supply table bases upon request.

To find out more about Versital table tops or bar tops, take a look at our portfolio. You can get a table top quote quickly by filling out the online form, or call us direct on 01204380780 for more assistance.