Why Nail Salons Are Taking Over The High Street

Manicures are now the UK’s most popular beauty treatment. You may have noticed that nail salons have been popping up all over the place and taking over the high streets. With these treatments being in more demand then ever despite the impact of the pandemic, it is certainly something to be aware of.

With more people than ever wanting to spend their cash on looking and feeling good, nail salons have found this luxury yet affordable treatment to be in high demand.

With global data predicting that the beauty industry will experience a 2.8% compound annual growth rate to 2023, it shows that despite the pandemic affecting high street retail, beauty salons have not experienced the same effect. Instead beauty salons have experienced a steady growth.


People are becoming more image focussed in part due to the influence of social media platforms such as Instagram. There has been an increase in turning to nail treatments due to it’s accessibility. With no long-term commitment, whilst creating the same feel good factor, it is one of the easiest treatments to turn to for a boost.

Summer is always the busiest period, but particularly this year I can’t keep up with the demand. I think Instagram has a big part to play as people are becoming more image conscious and looking to get an Instaworthy shot. I get a majority of my customers through Instagram as they can easily see my work and prices.

Megan Cummings, Owner of Quirk Nail Studio, Swindon


People are turning to nail salons for a sense of accessible luxury. Giving them the opportunity to have a treat and add a bit of glamour without spending a fortune.

To increase their appeal, many nail salons have turned to creating luxurious and opulent feeling interiors.

Market leading brands such as My Townhouse are taking over the UK. They have capitalised on creating a nail salon paradise of luxury. With soft furnishings, mood lighting and calming neutral tones they have certainly listened to what people want.

My Townhouse have added to the luxurious feel of their salons by including a stunning marble finish from Versital. From the nail station to the pedicure pods and even the joinery, this timeless marble is featured throughout. Townhouse chose to opt for ‘Autumn Onyx’, a classic marble with a pop of colour coming from the rich orange vein.

In comparison to My Townhouse, Doll Beauty created a sense of luxury different way. Once again using soft furnishings, but instead pairing with natural lighting and blush tones all over. Doll Beauty emphasises a sense of indulgence of self-care with tones of pink.

They opted to use a girly pink marble finish from Versital throughout their salon which perfectly complements their brand image. ‘Blush’ marble is the perfect choice for this venue, a classic marble with a soft pink vein. Once again creating an environment of accessible splendour with touches of luxury such as the marble tops.

The marble tops from Versital are of the highest quality , easy to clean and hygienic. They don’t suffer from watermarks and are very forgiving against staining. Perfect for any beauty salon environment. Adding the element of luxury whilst also having extreme ease of use.


We have been delighted to work alongside award winning brands including My Townhouse and Doll Beauty over the past few years. We understand that the look and feel of a venue and brand is paramount to creating an exceptional customer experience.

As well as looking good, Versital offers the benefit of being easy to clean and stain proof as well making it ideal for use in a busy salon.

As well as manufacturing to design specification we are also on hand to offer advice to designers to help create the vision they have whilst being a practical real-world solution. We often have designers who approach us with a brief and initial design who may need advice making it work in practice.

Gemma Stockberger, Director

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