Versital Decorative Panels Look The Part At G & G Goodfellows

Dining setting with tables, crockery and purple sparkle panelVersital Involved in New Hospitality Showroom With Dawnvale and G & G Goodfellow

Versital are proud to announce involvement with the new central London showroom with G & G Goodfellow and Dawnvale. Both have a well earned reputation in supply to the hotel and catering industry.

The central London showroom is a showcase of various products and services, including Versital. The showroom features bespoke bar installations, the London furniture collection and VIP champagne booth, as well as a full range of designer tableware from ‘Atelier de Table’.

Dining setting with tables, crockery and purple sparkle panel

Versital decorative panels in purple sparkle finish ‘Shiraz’ have been used to great effect to display the tableware to its’ full potential.

“We are delighted to be working alongside G & G Goodfellow’s and Dawnvale on this project.  Versital solid surface products have long been associated with high end commercial installations. As well as looking fabulous, they are hard wearing and stain resistant. Dawnvale have used the decorative panels here perfectly! Being a versatile product, the panels are ideal for a multitude of applications, including bathrooms, washrooms, bars and restaurants. ”
Gemma Stockberger – Head of Marketing

Versital decorative panels can be used for commercial installation at the front of bar installations, or as shown here, to highlight a display area. They are also available as bathroom panels in washrooms and even shower panels.

For further details on the latest Central London showroom, or to find out more on how Versital decorative panels can be used on your project, please call Versital direct on 01204380780, or email