Pushing Boundaries With Intricate Edges

Design is all about attention to detail. It’s about making sure that that the installations are as beautiful close up as they are within the frame of the entire room. Intricate edge detail can elevate any design, be it a hospitality project, or a domestic home bathroom. Paying attention to the details of surfaces can lead to breath-taking results.

edge detail


The more recent trend for intricate design and exciting edge details is by no means limited to surfaces.  The age of minimalist, simplistic interiors seems to be coming to an end, with lots of designers preferring to go beyond expectations – and edge detail is a great way to add interest.

The hospitality sector has really been upping its game in recent years, with lavish designs for interiors creating exciting venues that clients are clamouring to visit. 


Designers have been pushing boundaries and using high-quality products and exciting materials to make their venue somewhere that customers really want to visit.  With Instagram being a popular way to share and discover locations to visit, beautiful soft furnishings, opulent marbles and stunning wallpapers are a regular feature. 

Beautiful interiors and that perfect photo opportunity are great ways to create a buzz about a location and encourage users to share their visit to friends and ‘followers.  


Working closely with interiors designers we are in the position to see the changing trends in interior design first hand.  We are frequently being asked to design and supply custom marble with intricate edge details. 

We take on a designer’s vision and our engineers work to bring those aspirations to reality. We custom cast all our cultured marble, and can even design bespoke colours like Busy Carrata. Put simply, there are no barriers to creativity when you work with Versital.


Traditional drop details for tops and intricate bull nose bar tops have seen a huge increase in popularity. A resurgence in classic design and often over the top décor have included exciting details that stand the test of time.


As Versital is a cast cultured marble, it allows us to create these beautiful edge details for bar tops and vanity tops in one piece, often with no seams or joins. Versital can be cast to create intricate details and drops in one piece. With a real marble, these drop edge details would have to be fixed on as an addition, with visible joins and often a less than neat result. This can be especially visible when going round a curved top where a downstand would have to be pieced together if using real marble.

Why Versital?

As an independent British manufacturer, we are nimble enough and have the flexibility to react to trends and try new things. Every product we produce is hand-made by expert craftsmen. Our passion is ensuring that any designer’s creativity is met by our ingenuity, allowing us to create any vision with which we are approached.

“We love pushing the boundaries of what is possible and always work closely with designers to make sure we can create products that match with their vision. Recent projects include beautiful intricate edge details for a custom bar, domestic bathrooms as well as a very high end nail spa’s including the brand new Townhouse at Harrods London”.

Gemma Stockberger, Marketing Director at Versital

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