The New Interior Design Obsession: Barbiecore

With the highly anticipated Barbie movie taking over our summer, it is only inevitable that it created an all new interior design trend, coined ‘Barbiecore’.

90’s Nostalgia

Transporting us back to the nostalgic 90’s aesthetic, with a multitude of barbie pink shades and a sense of hyper-femininity. Creating the perfect maximalist micro-trend for all things feminine and nostalgic.

How To Implement Barbiecore

Barbiecore is an unafraid and glamorous trend which can be added to any room or venue. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to embrace the fun loving shade of pink which represents the bold femininity of Barbie.

Image from House Beautiful Online

Keep it fun by adding pops of pink

Consider adding fun pops of barbie pink to your venue or home by adding hot pink wall paper or paint a barbie shade of pink. Possibly consider adding vibrant pink touches through tiling your bathroom walls, or go all out and add a matching bright pink bath.

Image House Beautiful Online

Add a Retro Twist

With Barbie being in its prime during the 80’s and 90’s, it is only right to incorporate some subtle retro pieces into your designing process. Whether that is through adding tassel lampshades, vintage coffee table books or dial up telephones. Of course ensuring they are in a feminine shade of pink or pastel shade.

Pink Bar Tops

At Versital we have spotted a growing trend of pink bar tops and matching table tops within commercial projects. With more people leaning towards vibrant unique shades of pinks to feature within their venue.

pink bar with pink booth seating, pink wire palm trees and pink marble tables.
Featuring; Rock N Rose

Why not consider implementing Barbiecore through a fun loving pink marble bar top, or even mix and match the shades of pinks within the venue, by using different pink marbles on your table tops, complimented with pink tableware and of course pink seating.

Beautiful dessert venue with marble tops

The Perfect Chance to add some Maximalism

This maximalist trend is perfect for those who love all things loud, bold and feminine. Embracing the vibrant interiors that have become more popular due to dopamine-designing. Allowing for all 90s kids to bring Barbie back into their home through vibrant pinks and nostalgic 90s touches.

Image BHG

We for one are loving this fun and energetic trend and hope it lasts longer than the summer!

a man and woman behind the bar, the bar has a pink marble bar top and blue and white tiles running down the bar walls with blue high chairs surrounding the bar

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