Colour Trends: The Bright Colours Impacting Moods and Venues

Even if you consider yourself a lover of neutrals you may be finding yourself drawn to the bright and wonderful more than ever at the moment. Bright colours are making a bigger impact than ever before.

With bright colours making a loud impact amongst dopamine dressers, you’ll want dopamine in more aspects of your life. Within times of strife (which, we have seen a fair amount in the recent years), we see trends of people seeking joy wherever possible, especially where we go to spend our time.

Why not make an impact with dopamine designing?

Grasp people’s attention with bold reds or stimulate both happiness and optimism with hues of yellow. Create a sense of confidence with deep blues or emphasise joy with touches of orange.

Pink themed coffee shop from luxury coffee brand EL & N Soho London

To create an accurate imagery of how colours affect your mood we referred to the experts over at Masterclass and their analysis of colour psychology.

Psychology of Cool Tone Colours

If you are wanting to emulate an environment of serenity or spark senses of creativity and innovation then cooler tones of blues and purples would be perfect. By using these colours you will also create an environment of health and well being.


Versital has many perfect options to emulate the serenity you dream of:

Vibrant purples

A deep lavender purple with black veining – our exclusive Peri-winkle inspired by Pantone’s colour of the Year Very Peri is the perfect option.

Dark purple marble peri winkle
Moodboard with skull design fabric and dark purple marble
Dream of purple hues with this mood board.

Dreamy lavenders

Penthouse is a beautiful bold lavender marble with swirls of veins throughout.

Lavender purple marble with clouds of veins Very Peri Pantone
Rich lavender marble with swirls of purple and white veins - Very Perii Pantone

Soft pops of blue

A simple white marble with a light blue vein throughout. Cirrus allows you to add pops of colour without them being too overpowering.



For the home opt for Versital in the bathroom by using it for vanity tops or bathroom wall panels.  If you are wanting some dopamine mixed with a sense of calm to start your day then these colours will give you everything you are looking for.


Create a serene environment with these unique colours, whilst standing out from the crowd. Dare to be different and let the dopamine roll in.  

Why not consider using the different colours on bar tops, table tops or paneling. As well as in your washrooms.

Psychology of Warm Tone Colours

Warm tones evoke feelings of optimism, energy and happiness. As well as grabbing hold of your attention. Strong warm colours like yellow, reds, orange and pinks can create a positive environment with it being claimed that the colour red can increase a person’s appetite, making it perfect for a restaurant. If you are wanting to dress a bar in a lively and exciting way then warm tones may be exactly what you are looking for.


Versital has many options to cater to the high energy vibe you are going for:

Bold reds

A rich raspberry pink marble with swirls of lighter pink and purple. Childer creates a strong warmth in any setting., whilst being bold and unique.

Fantasize your watermelon aesthetic with Childer.

Soft Shades of pink

A rose pink marble with yellow and white veins swirled throughout. Cool charm is a soft and subtle addition of colour being the perfect option for some gentle dopamine decor.

Golden accents

A modern salmon pink marble with metallic gold veins. Koi not only gives you a strong colour but also adds a feel of luxury with its touches of gold.

Be inspired with this mood board with Koi.
Creating bright washrooms in Rockwater Hove

Vibrant yellows

A rich orange yellow marble. Sunflower is a strong and bright completely unique yellow marble. Sure to add happiness and vitamin D in any venue.

Some inspiration for how you can partner your bold yellow.

Elegant touches of pink

A daring soft pink with strong veins of white and brick red. Rock N Rose will certainly add an elegant touch of rich pink to your venue.

Envision Rock N Rose with this moodboard.
There is no better dopamine designing than at an all pink venue like Manuka
See Rock and Rose making a loud statement at Cut & Craft Leeds

Rich Oranges

Tamarind is a rich red orange marble, making you feel full of vitamin C.


For the home opt for Versital in the bathroom by using it for vanity tops or bathroom wall panels.  If you are feeling bold and brave then these colours will be a perfect way to brighten your mood and give you a positive way to start your day.


If you are wanting to be loud and proud then these are the bright colours for you. Brighten up your space and welcome in the joy seekers. Create a lively and exciting venue using these colours.

Why not consider using the fun colours on bar tops, table tops or paneling. As well as in your washrooms.

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