Luxury Dessert Bars Are On The Rise: Heavenly Desserts

Luxury dessert bars have been gaining traction over the years. Creating instagrammable interiors combined with next level desserts.

Heavenly Desserts has become known for its luxury interiors which have been designed specifically for each location. As well as their show stopping desserts. They have created the perfect environment.

Heavenly Desserts marble table tops


Over the year’s designers have seen an ever-growing trend of people wanting to create a venue perfect for social media pictures. Providing customers with photo spots by using combinations of fun colours and floral backdrops. Creating the wow factor that is desired by their customers.

Heavenly desserts have not missed the memo within their luxury dessert bar.

Versital marble; Busy Carrata

Through playing with colours and textures, they have been able to create a fun environment perfect for your Instagram pics. Adding feature walls with florals or large mirrors combined with bright lighting to ensure you get the perfect picture.


To put themselves at the top of the luxury dessert bars list, they have opted to go all out with their venues. Adding in high quality marble table tops and a matching marble bar from Versital. Using the marble emphasizes the luxurious feel within the venue. Each Versital piece is completely unique, giving the dessert bar a one of a kind finish.

Versital marble; Busy Carrata; Photo – @HeavenlyDesserts

The marble is a perfect choice for any dine in experience due to its easy to clean nature and hygienic steri-touch finish, making this a clean and enjoyable venue to eat in.


Heavenly Desserts has focused on individuality within each dessert bar. Each venue has been designed and catered around the locals who would be visiting. Adding unique touches and different designs, whilst still embodying the luxurious feel and brand identity of Heavenly Desserts.

Each store has its own identity and its own atmosphere which is important to our brand in order to create an exciting customer experience that fits in with the cultural identity of each location.

Amy Highsted, Interior Designer at Heavenly Desserts

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