Washrooms – The Mightiest Influencer In Hospitality.

Typically, when discussing night out adventures you will excitedly discuss the delicious food, the unique cocktails and the exquisite décor. Focusing on the key features that the venue wants you to talk about. That does not mean that you will forget the lasting impression of the washrooms. With toilets being the first and last thing your customer remembers, you want to ensure it is a good memory.

You don’t want you customers dreading to go back to the grubby space allocated to them, with overflowing bins. You want the toilet to mirror the venue, ensuring it isn’t a questionably damp and badly lit space that they would prefer to vacate quickly!

Though toilets are not the main priority they should be placed pretty far up your list. Remembering that the cleanliness and appearance of the washroom will in turn mirror the way your customers view your entire venue.


Yes, they most certainly do. A survey conducted by Cintas Corporation found that when asked what specific business the participants would avoid if they encountered dirty restrooms, an astounding 79% of participants said they would avoid restaurants and hotels.

However, it does not have to stop at the basics of cleanliness.

The trend to create a lavish washroom within your venue has become increasingly popular. Showing that hospitality want to care for their customers for their entire stay. Providing a memorable restroom will give your customers something extra to say. Whilst also possibly providing them with the perfect space to take the much needed Instagram selfies on their night out.


It is important your washrooms mirror your venue and identity as a whole. However, there are some popular design features that are creating the perfect washroom experience.

1. Don’t forget the essence of comfort

Washrooms are becoming a more social space where your customers can escape from the busy environment to somewhere slightly quieter. With many introducing soft furnishings such as pouffes to sit on.

It is also popular to place these in front of mirrors, to allow the touching up of makeup.

2. Add a touch of luxury

Entice your customers into a luxurious trip to the loo. Add touches of opulence with beautiful marble vanity tops and paneling. Versital offers the perfect touch of luxury to any washroom as well as being no-porous and waterproof. Producing the finest amount of luxury combined with convenience.

3. Stand out with pops of colour

Use bold and bright colours to capture your customers. Unique uses of colour will make your washrooms memorable. Adding bright wall paper or unique colourful vanity tops are easy ways to add a fun colourful element. Why not consider creating a pop of colour with one of Versital’s many colourful marble variations.

Washrooms are rapidly becoming a priority within the hospitality sector. Ensuring that you cater to the customers need for a unique and luxury space is vital. Encourage your customers to return to a clean and enjoyable environment in all aspects.

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